Pleasant Sunday Afternoon at Bull and Gate

It is November and with autumnal shaded leaves and cold weather, must of course come, a Sunday roast. It is obviously one of the most loved dinners of all time but there is something about a roast dinner in the winter that just really makes me feel very content. That being said as much as I love to eat roast dinners, I really like to cook them as rarely as I possibly can, especially now days. When I first became vegan it was difficult to find anywhere to eat a vegan roast dinner, which meant I would have to cook them if I wanted them, which is a great idea when you are salivating over the idea, but not so great when you are stuffed and have to do the washing up.

Which is why, we headed down the gorgeous Bull and Gate, just a stone throw away from Kentish Town station, the seemingly quaint pub from the outside, unexpectedly unfolded as we entered, with a lush high ceilinged dining room that was the perfect setting for a Sunday lunch.

We both ordered the vegan roast which featured, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, greens, carrots, parsnip, red cabbage and the star of the show a potato and leek wellington. We did have a slight error at the beginning of our meal where they accidentally put non vegan yorkshires on our plates, this was quickly rectified and the rest of the meal was delicious.

I would have preferred the gravy to be a little thicker and richer but the rest of the dish was pretty special. The vegetables were all cooked to perfection, the wellington was rich and was such a nice alternative to a nut roast. The potatoes were crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, it was a good meal all round and we were both feeling very full at the end.

There was a bit of a wait for our food and drinks, which is understable because it was so busy, I would just be aware that when you visit you should be ready to have an easy lunch that is at a slower pace. This didn’t bother us at all because the food was incredible and the staff were only too helpful. I would definitely suggest this as a place to go for a yummy roast and a nice chilled Sunday afternoon in a very pleasant location.

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