Jack’s Biff Shack Burgers

For so long I have wanted to try out Biff’s Jack Shack but have never gotten round to it, so imagine my excitement when I saw on their Instagram feed, that they now delivery via Deliveroo. The price point is perfect for these burgers, ranging between £7.50 – £10, which I think is excactly right for the area and the amount of deliciousness that these burgers cram in.

This was going to be my weekend treat 100% and with their jackfruit patty burgers all sounded so amazing, it took us an age to decide on 2 burgers out of 4 burgers, but we eventually settled on The Father Jack a burger consisting of smokey ‘bacun’ jam, bourbon BBQ sauce, smoked vegan cheese, iceberg lettuce and onion rings and The Jackaroo with Ranch sauce, maple chipotle, ‘bacun’, lettuce, tomato and red onion.


We got both with their regular chips as this was one of the meal deal options, however they do have dirty fries with a selection of toppings, we wanted the burger to be the star of the feast for us, so the plain chips were more than welcome, but we will be working our way through the menu in the many months to come I am sure.

The Father Jack was unbelievable with the fried jackfruit patty holding together superbly, adorned with the perfect amount of each topping and a very chunky onion ring to give a solid amount of crunch to this glutenous burger, it was definitely up there with one of the best we are yet to taste and slid past a few of our other favourites to the top 5 on the (imaginary) leaderboard.

The Jackaroo however, was in a league of it’s own it is in my top 3 burgers and if I am honest I think it may be my favourite but I think I will each a few more just to make sure that I have made the right decision. Their ‘bacun’ was simply epic, the maple chipotle balanced so well with the ranch sauce, it was a serious burger, the flavours in this are not for the faint hearted. it was so tasty with a rich smokiness that worked so well with the jackfruit patty that eased the conscious with 1 of my 5 a day.

If I had any criticism it is purely because the food arrived cold, I know that this weather doesn’t help but we think they burgers would have been even more immense had we collected them from Shoreditch Boxpark ourselves so this is what we will be doing going forward. While I mention the Boxpark, can I just add how amazing it is that such an iconic landmark in London for ‘trendy eats’ has so many vegan options it is so worth taking your non vegan friends and allowing them to choose their vegan dish of choice, they won’t be disappointed!

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  1. plumesworld says:

    I’ve tried them a couple of times at various event and they were fab, glad they’ve found a permanent location


    1. Their food is pretty awesome! Will definitely be trying it again soon!

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