Hot Chocolate At Beanuts

Last week we were officially in Autumn mode with matching jumpers and all that jazz, when we decided to go and try out the hot chocolate at Beanuts which is on Brick Lane.

Let me start by saying that this place is so gorgeous. It was instantly warming and cosy and we were so happy to sit down and wait for our hot chocolates. I ordered the spiced chai hot chocolate and Pooh Bear opted for the straight up regular hot chocolate with some amazing hazelnut milk that they make themselves.

They actually make all their own milks which is so cool and the staff are so friendly that it makes popping in for one of their delicious hot chocolates a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Sadly we already had plans to eat so we didn’t try any of their food but we will be heading back very soon, so will definitely review that too.

It was time for us to sign their black board with the seal of PBP approval and be on our way but we will be heading back very soon!

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