Autumn Dinner at Eats of Eden

This evening we were in Brixton and I have been seeing so many Instagram posts about Eat Of Eden, that we decided to stop in on the way home and have some of their much talked about vegan food.

Autumn is my favourite season and pumpkin is one of my favourite things to feature this time of year, so I went for the pumpkin curry with quinoa, macaroni pie and it came with a little salad on the side too, which I was more than happy with as this was less than £9.

The macaroni was delicious, so tasty and perfect comfort food for this time of year. The pumpkin curry was so good, I had one bite and said I’m coming back here soon’, it was so creamy but light and tasty, I could have eaten this over and over again, which I probably will be doing in the next few weeks! Quinoa was perfect balance to the comfort food and the salad made the whole thing work together beautifully.

This meal I would rate a solid 9/10, only reason it isn’t a 10 is because I forgot to her plantain on my plate and only on the others halves! Some sneaky leaning across the table for his, was naturally a success though, but next time I’m ordering myself some too!!

So, we also ordered the meat wheat burger which came with sweet potato fries and a salad, with our extra addition of plantain.

The burger was so damn delicious. I did have to try this it looked so appetising!! The sweet chilli sauce on this burger made it a solid 8/10 putting it in our top 10 burgers easily. The sweet potato chips were cook3d perfectly and as we got 3/4 of the way through this meal, we caught each other’s eye and burst out laughing as we hadn’t said a word since we started eating, that’s how good the food is.

Seating inside is limited so pick your time to dine wisely. The food is amazing and I would 100% recommend taking your non vegan friends their too as this flavoursome food does wonders for the promotion of vegan food!

We also had their pineapple and strawberry with pineapple juices and they were just right for this type of meal. For both meals and drinks it came to less than £25, which I think is amazing as we were both so full by the end of the meal too!!

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