Weekend Treat at What The Pitta!

For probably going on a year now I have wanted to taste the vegan kebabs at What The Pitta, for one reason or another every time I have gone to go and check it out, something else has got in the way!

Last weekend I headed down to the Shoreditch Boxpark to try out this, very much talked about, kebab that has been appearing on my Instagram feed for such a long time.

Often when you see something on Instagram and want to try it the hype can be more than the food itself and so I wanted to not get too excited so I could taste it without being disappointed. Well, even if I had gone in with the expectations of the brilliant reviews on Instagram, I still wouldn’t have been prepared for how delicious this was.

Their seitan was probably the best I ever tasted. I asked for them to go heavy on the chilli sauce and it was perfect. The salad was so fresh and delicious, the seitan as I say was superb and the bread was insane and it meshed the whole thing together and I absolutely could not get enough of this amazing doner.

I know I am late to the party on this one but if you haven’t already been then I urge you to try these delectable kebabs because they are a great treat for the soul!

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