Unlimited Wings at Buffalo Diner

I saw Buffalo Diner in Shoreditch a few months ago but they had moved before I go a chance to go in and try out their food, however, after following them on Instagram, I saw they were open for business in Hackney and for £10 you could get a vegan burger and unlimited cauliflower ‘wings’ in a sauce at a spice rating of your choosing.


Being the mediocre rebels we are, we went for the middle range of spice, which still packed punch and were very happy with eating cauliflower wings to our hearts content on a Thursday evening. Being that they were just opening up and were fairly new in their Hackney location, we did have a little wait for the food but the drinks and lovely team more than made up for this and didn’t mind waiting at all.


I had a Oreo milkshake which was absolutely delicious and I couldn’t have asked for a better drink. It was absolutely delicious and I reluctantly shared it mainly because I wanted to taste the Dalston’s lemonade my other half had ordered. It was a trap I tell you!

The wings were spicy and had a perfect texture with a decent amount of crunch and a very nice flavour running through the whole dish. For the burgers we had the option of the Buffalo Burger and the B12 Burger, so we ordered one of each and shared them, I enjoyed both, perhaps the Buffalo burger a little bit more for the flavour and texture but overall they were both pretty damn good and after we had finished the burgers and fries we ordered, it was the time for more wings.


I love this place, it is run by amazing people, the vibe is great, the food is tasty and the drinks are immense. I would definitely say to follow them on Instagram to look for their deals and offers if you are wanting to go for a midweek treat and it is definitely worth booking ahead too, as it does attract a pretty awesome vegan crowd!

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