Malibu Kitchen for my Best friend’s Birthday

My best friend is very dear to me, obviously, that is why she is my best friend. A wonderfully kind person who puts a smile on everyone’s face and is a pro at making great memories with me, so this year for her birthday I took her to Malibu Kitchen in on of London’s grandest venues The Ned for a spot of Brunch (and a surprise raw chocolate birthday cake).

Firstly The Ned itself is absolutely stunning. Majestic African verdite columns with various restaurants dotted around this listed building that once before was a bank. The stage hosted a harpist setting the pace for this luxurious brunch setting.

Immediately I was sure that I had picked the best location to show my best friend just how much she truly means to me, but we had yet to eat or drink and for once, the proof really was in the pudding, (and the brunch if course). We were welcome superbly and immediately shown to our seats.

We browsed the short but delicious sounding menu for quite some time to make a decision on just 2 dishes from their amazing array of vegan options.

We settled on the vegetable rolls and the courgette and almond flatbread which were both presented beautifully. The vegetable rolls were entirely raw with mango, herbs and spicy nuts and a delicious dipping sauce.

The courgette and almond flatbread came bejewelled with tomatoes and olives, again as with the vegetable rolls this was presented excellently.

Of course it wouldn’t have been a celebration without some drinks involved and so whilst we shyly asked the waitress if they served alcohol, we saw a full bar and assumed it was time to transition from brunch to lunch time to ease the guilt of early afternoon drinking. We both went for the 5th street cocktail a dainty glass with orange peel, which hosted 5he following incredible cocktail of Woodford Reserve, Martini Rubino, Fernet Branca, peach and orange. There was nothing not to like.

After we had finished our brunch as smoothly as I had planned a surprised raw chocolate cake came out for my darling friend and I could not have been happier at how this brunch had panned out, perfectly executed, excellently timed, a new memory was made.

The raw cake was decadent beyond words. Topped with edible flowers and raspberry coulis, it was a brilliant meal to celebrate an amazing person. I’m sure we will return again and again.

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