Autumn Update

Hello, hello! I am aware it has been a little while since I lasy blogged, I have been really busy and had a phone die on me which meant I lost a lot of content, however, I am back now with lots of news and exciting reviews for you!

Firstly, the main reason I have been so preoccupied is because I have started my dream job and am giving my all at the moment in hopes I will continue to develop and achieve great things. I am waking up at 5am every weekday which is a little shock to the system and totally worth it!I will talk more about this in a separate blog once I am settled in and able to explain everything properly!

I have managed to get myself organised giving me more time to blog and to finally kick off my YouTube channel, which has been on the cards for such a long time, I am happy to say it sould be live by the end of Novemer. Just in time for some delicious vegan Christmas ideas and New Year drink run down.

I do now have a much better phone, which you will probably have spotted if you follow me on Instagram!  I have been working very hard on improving my content and have some very cool places to show you in some upcoming reviews including the amazing vegan food shared with my Bestie for her birthday treat.

That’s all for now, but keep your eyes peeled for lots more content from me going forward! To make sure you don’t miss a post subscribe to my blog and make sure you re following me on Instagram, as I am planning on doing a HUGE Xmas giveaway!

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