Afternoon Delights at Ugly Dumpling

We are huge fans of dumplings, since being vegan we make it our mission to find vegan dumplings in restaurants, supermarkets and I have (unsuccesfully) tried to make them myself before too.

As I was browsing through Instgram a few months back I found Ugly Dumpling a restaursnt close to Canarby Street that had a good offering of vegan options and we were sold.

My other half is a huge dumpling fan and it was his decision to go and taste their yummy goods.

Firstly, this restaurant is adorable. I love the decor, the team and the layout. Immediately after entering felt at home and ready to eat!

We decided to get a vegan platter to start with some tempura aubergine, though we could resist ordering more dumplings once we were in the mood for them!

Their jackfruit dumplings were absolutely delicious and we were so happy these were on the platter but the star of the show for both of us was most definitely the tofu and spinach dumplings, in fact we loved these so much we ordered 10 more of them!

The aubergine tempura was beautiful. The crunch was perfect, the taste was ridiculous and the coating of golden syrup and peanut could not be any better.

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