New Snack Fave – Fit Disc

I have been looking for a snack I can have on the go that is satisfying but also not naughty. I have often made myself energy balls and whilst they are great, if you ever get stuck in traffic when you hadn’t planned for it or just fancied a snack and hadn’t planned it, which I mean, come on, who isn’t guilty of that? Then Fit Disc’s are my new go-to. They have natural sweetness from the fruits they have in them and much neede texture from nuts and seeds too, it is a complete snack that fits straight in your bag, I mean to be honest, I have 6 in my bag at a time because I have had so many people ask what I am eating that I have gotten used to sharing them and spreading the word about these healthy little hunger killers.


The company, Avicenna, who makes them, also makes bars of fruit and nut too which are completely delicious and a little bit of a bigger snack, if say you wanted something different in your lunch box or you wanted to eat it on the way to work if you hadn’t had breakfast. They too are completely guilt free as well as naturally gluten free which means you can enjoy them whenever and where you like!

They are all really tasty and different in texture as different fruits have different nuts with them, making them all very different in ntheir own fruity way! I really like the prune and walnut fit disc because I adore walnuts. As for the snack bars the strawberry, peanut, mulberry, chia seed and walnut bar is absolutely delightful. They have many flavour combinations so everyone is sure to find one they like.

I thought I would blog about them because for many of you, your children will be going back to school shortly and they are perfect snacks for lunchboxes and a stealthily sweet way to get your little ones enjoying nutrionally rich fruits and nuts.

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