Friday Afternoon at The Intrepid Fork

This is my favourite time of year when Summer is cooling off and Autumn is just creeping in. It is the perfect time for long afternoon walks and that is exactly what we did last Friday afternoon in the wonderful Priory Park, which is just moments away from The Intrepid Fork on Hornsey’s High Street.The amount of gorgeous baked goods this wonderful bakery produces is absolutely outstanding and the quality of their vegan food and drinks were impressive.


We enjoyed so many different things starting with their spinach pie, which looks so good and tasted amazing. I used to eat these pies as a child, so not only did these bring back memories but surpassed the memory of how tasty they were. With the spinach they added tomatoes and mint encased in flaky filo pastry, this was such a light way to start out lunch, with a fresh salad on the side, but were by no means ending there!


We then went on to taste their vegan souvlakis, they have two vegan options one filled with falafel and one with aubergine. Both came with the same other fillings such as wonderful cooked potato with peppers, hummus, parsley and cabbage, wrapped in the BEST Greek pita I think I have ever had! In fact, they were so good I asked the chef where to buy them from and after the meal and another stroll in the gorgeous park, we decided we would try to find this shop to buy more of the pita, alas, I got lost but we had every intention and will be returning because they were so so good!

The falafel was tasty and had a great texture to it which meant it didn’t fall apart in the wrap but it also wasn’t too crunchy, which I presume is because it is baked and not fried! The aubergine was marinated well in soy sauce and miso give it such a wealth of flavour a well as being cooked to absolute perfection it was melt-in-the-mouth aubergine. I was absolutely wonderful. A dish I will be returning for many times I am sure.


To go with our souvlaki we decided on the beetroot cacao latte and the mango lime crush. Both sounded amazing and lived up to their expectations. The mango lime crush was a vibrant glass of deliciousness. The lime cut through the sweetness of the mango and made it the perfect drink to really  awaken the taste buds. It was such a refreshing drink and we really like how you could taste how fresh it was too.

The beetroot cacao latte was a gorgeous colour from the beetroot and I added a shot of coffee to it too. It was just how I like my beetroot latte but with the added kick of gorgeously bitter cacao. It was such a lovely warming drink for this comfortingly impressive meal.


We then thought it would only be right we each try one of their vegan cookies. Oat cookies being my favourite type of cookie, I was surprised at just how much I liked their cookies. The were soft just as we like them but they were so tasty and the oats were really apparent and they had balanced the sweetness along with the earthiness of the oats. We also tried their oat biscuits with seeds, that had just that little extra amount of texture to it, which I liked also, but their oat cookie was definitely my favourite.


After we had finished our cookies and we were very happy with the food options we had chosen. It was time to order some drinks before we hit the road. I had the Summer Spritz, which was perfectly composed a strawberry and elderflower mixture with lime to cut through the flowery sweetness of the other two components. Being someone who loves sour, sweet drinks, such a homemade lemonade this really impressed me and it wasn’t the only thing on the menu that did.


The food and drinks at The Intrepid Fork are amazing, as a vegan I have been searching for a spot in North London, where I can enjoy an afternoon coffee and bite to eat with my friends and I am so glad to have finally found a place I can invite my friends to meet me, knowing whether they are vegan or not we both can have a great time with delicious food and drinks, at a reasonable price!

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