Cupcake Delights at Vida Bakery

I am savoury girl at heart, which means that on the rare occasion a sweet treat catches my eye, you know it is going to be good! I am not ashamed to say that since being vegan I have probably enjoyed sweet treats more, as there is no cruelty attached and it is all ‘research’, my vegan explorations took me to Vida Bakery, located on London’s famous Brick Lane, this gorgeous cafe type bakery is the perfect place to treat a loved one, or yourself. Self love is important people!

I went all out with a full 6 box of cupcakes and I do not regret that choice for a moment. The cakes are presented in such an exciting manner with difference icing personalising each flavour with such enticing designs. The ladies who run this place are absolute angels too which made the whole cake collection process really enjoyable. They have so many different cup cake designs and they also have a great choice of cake slices too, including their famous vegan rainbow cake. A vegan cake shop is just what Brick Lane needed and these lovely ladies are doing the vegan community a huge favour by letting us eat the sweet treats.

Starting with the not-so sweet Lemon Cupcake that was decorated simply with poppy seeds and lemon icing with a gorgeous vegan sponge making up the base. I thoroughly enjoyed and would very much like to eat a cake slice of this zingy delicious sponge! I loved the fact that this wasn’t overly sweet as the taste of lemon really stood out.

The next up was their pretzel topped cupcake, this is one I had seen many times on their Instagram and so was desperate to try as I really liked the idea of the sweet cupcake with the salty pretzel. A salted caramel cupcake was exactly what I needed to edge me in to the sugary side of the box and this was probably my favourite because of the balance of salty and sweet which is perfect for me!

Now doughnuts are definitely my thing, I have had many vegan doughnuts but what I hae never tried before Vida Bakery was a doughnut on a cupcake. This is the bad mood killer of cakes, the close your eyes and dance while you eat it cake, the hip expander that is oh so worth it and quite simply, the best invention I have ever eaten. Why so much enthusiasm piglet? I hear you all (not) ask? Well, because this vanilla cupcake it quite frankly epic and I would recommend going just to try this, but I wouldn’t blame you if you needed to have more than one of their delicious offerings!


You’re either a lover or hater of peanut butter and jelly combo (or as we call it here in the UK – jam). I happen to be a lover to the idea of a peanut butter combo cupcake. Oh yes, they got it right! I shouldn’t be surprised at all really given the fact that they had got everything ready spot on so far. The combination and presentation again was perfectly executed. It was absolutely divine!


Red velvet cakes fall in to the very appeased hands of my better half, Mr Piglet aka Plant Based Pooh Bear. He is a lover of all things red velvet and had very high standards when it comes to his expectations, well would you have guessed? They smashed it! He said it was absolutely scrumptious…well actually that is a lie because he didn’t really say anything it was more grunts of appreciation, whilst inhaling this cake, but I speak that language and that is a direct translation I assure you!


I was now open to sharing as I had become rather full and so the ‘Not-ela’ we shared. This chocolate¬†treat was absolutely delicious with the very british cuppa. It was dreamy, it really was, it wasn’t sickly sweet, which means I could have eaten many more of them, had I not eaten 4 cupcakes previously!

Whether you are in Shoreditch or any other corner of the world, this is a place you are going to want to tick of your bucket list whether you are vegan or not. Please do let me know when you have been and what you had, as I will be ticking them off the list anyway but recommendations are, as always, very welcome!

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