Superb Sunday Roast at The Old Queens Head

Being vegan, finding a decent roast is actually quite a task and believe me I have been searching for a very long time. While of course, I can eat my own Roast dinner, it is much nicer to have a meal that you haven’t had to stand in a kitchen for 2 hours making.

We ran to the this gorgeous pub – The Old Queen’s Head in the pouring which made the urge for comfort food even more apparent. We were torn between the roast and the burger as they both sounded so good on the menu so we agreed to order both and share – that didn’t happen!

It was such a large roast that I was very happy to say I was full after devouring it all in less that 20 minutes I may add, yes it was that good! I had roast potatoes, parsnip, carrots, peas and greens to assist the star of the show, their mushroom Wellington which was full to the brim of mushrooms and served with a delectable gravy that brought the whole dish together to make it the perfect ‘rainy Sunday roast’.


I could eat this time and time again and in between mouthfuls of this amazing afternoon meal, I had their virgin Mojito to wash it down with, served with a bit of a twist as this one had apple in, which was even more refreshing with the mint and a drink I would 100% recommend to my fellow designated drivers out there!


The burger was, in a word, epic. Mushroom, aubergine and red pepper stacked with vegan cheese, aoili and sweet chilli sauce. The flavour combinations were enough for my partner, who despises mushrooms and peppers to eat the whole thing and say it was delicious, because everything was cooked so well by Lucky Chip who cook in this kitchen too.


The skinny fries served with the burger were well seasoned and such a large portion that I was only too happy to help out being the good foodie… I mean girlfriend that I am! We were so happy with both of our menu choices, we agreed we would return and this time swap dishes.

This is the perfect place for a lazy Sunday afternoon with delicious food and drinks. I did also spot some board games floating around which we would love to play when we return but on this occasion it was a strictly eating visit!

If you are looking for somewhere in Islington to enjoy a good meal at a reasonable price and be comfortable whilst doing so then this is definitely the place for you. The team is only too kind and willing to help, so they are more than able to deal with your vegan needs!

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