The Best Night Of My Life at Circus

I booked a table at Circus to surprise my wonderful boyfriend for his birthday. My friend has suggested it and I thought it would be a great way to spend his birthday evening with entertainment and a great vegan menu and of course some celebratory bubbles. From beginning to end the evening was faultless with an amazing team who catered to our every need.

We began with a welcome drink and some delicious small plates, Nori Poppadums which came with two delicious sauces chilli and garlic sauce and a plum sauce. These were insanely addictive!

Their edamame beans with sea salt and soy mirin that was served on ice, not only delicious but aesthetically pleasing too.

To finish this first round of food, we had Bahn Trang rolls, with a sweet chill sauce with toasted peanuts to dip our avocado, cucumber, carrots, mint, vermicelli noodle and coriander wraps in. Presented beautifully and packed with flavour these small plates certainly whet our appetites just in time for the first performance.

When we had finished our second-course plates, we were greeted by the very talented Brendan Rodrigues who performed magic at our table, including drawing an ‘x’ on his hand and somehow managing to make it appear on my hand without touching me. We were blown away by his magic tricks and found him to be very entertaining.

Swiftly after this, the next acrobatic act was about to start this time it was a gentleman using silks and he performed the most incredible performance, he captivated the entire audience, including myself. He moved seamlessly up and down the silks, it was a beautiful jaw-dropping performance.

After this act followed another act a lady dressed eccentrically dancing with several huge hoops. She managed to make the hoops move effortlessly whilst dancing and throughout the act more and more hoops were being added to her performance. This was a fun and entertaining act which was colourful and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As soon as this act had concluded the third course plates were brought out and this highlighted how well organised this restaurant is as in between each of the act segments the food was coming out of the kitchen at exact times to ensure we were not kept waiting too long and that the acts were spaced out between each course to keep us entertained.

The third-course plates were the last of the savoury section and they included some excellent dishes to round off this part of the evenings dining experience. The chilli crusted tofu was served on a bed of morning glory, sweet tamarind, bean sprouts, mint and coriander salad. It looks incredible and tasted amazing, the morning glory was such a nice taste and texture to go with this dish and the crusted tofu was cooked well to give it good elements of texture and flavour.

As I said at the beginning, I could not fault this evening, or glasses were never empty, our food was delicious and entertainment was incredible. There is not one thing I did not like about this evening and my boyfriend said it was the best birthday he has ever had and for me, it was the best night I have ever had. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a night out of the ordinary. I aim to go back later this year with some of my girlfriends because this is an experience you are going to want to talk about for many years to come!

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