National Allotment Week with BOL Foods

If like me, you enjoy a BOL pot from time to time for dinner or lunch, (or both), then you may be wondering the best way to up cycle your pots afterwards, there are literally tonnes of ways to reuse them and you can find a lot of options on how to use them on their social media feeds and Pinterest.

3A5A9597 copy2

Last week was National Allotment Week and BOL foods being the wonderful company that they are decided to use this week wisely to team up with Sm-allotments to get Londoners involved using upcycled food packaging.

Bol in the field PRINT-71.jpg

BOL Foods has moved their site to Lincolnshire – the heartland of British produce to give us the best possible vegan produce in our delicious BOL pots! For those of those who live in less rural areas, however, there are still ways that we can make do with our surroundings and make a very successful little allotments of our own, whether that is on a balcony, a small garden, desk or window seal, we can all make use of the BOL pots and use them plant our own veggies.

3A5A9629 copy2

Being that I love to grow my own vegetables and fruit where possible, I decided to grown some delicious goods of my own in a BOL pot and have planted, some sprouts, carrots and tomatoes, which I will happily update you on as they grow.

3A5A9645 copy2

If you feel as though this could be something you would be interested in too, then check out the ideas and find out more and don’t forget to send me your progress, I would love to build a community of fellow green-fingered friends!

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