Fun London Craft Beer Festival

Over the past few years, since just after turning vegan actually, I have really started to enjoy craft beer, there is something about the story of how it is made and where it has come from that not only adds to the detailing behind some of these beers but obviously too the flavour.


I headed down to the London Craft Beer Festival to check out some of the finest Craft beers that the UK has to offer and was very impressed, not only by the quality of each beer but the quantity of craft beer companies who are making their own stamp on this vast expanding selection of beverages.


The festival was hosted at Tobacco Docks in Wapping which was a wonderful location, as it meant we could sit outside and enjoy the beers in the sunshine but the building itself stayed perfectly cool.


All of the vendors we stopped to have a taste were vegan. The vendors were very helpful, some beer companies clearly labelled their beers as vegan, whilst others were very open about the brewing process of their beers and the ingredients used, which meant it was very easy to enjoy ourselves without worrying.


The tickets were £46 each, this included an unlimited amount of beer tasting, with a glass to taste it. Which considering how many vendors there were, worked out to be very cost effective, especially if you are serious about wanting to find some new decent Craft Beers to take your fancy.


I would definitely recommend this if you are wanting to have a good day out in the Summer with friends to explore the Craft Beer industry and really get a good taste of a lot of brands that offer some fantastic options. I will be booking my tickets for next year as soon as possible.

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