Returning to The Athenian

Usually, I would not return to somewhere as quickly a 3 days after going there but the food was so good that I couldn’t help myself but go back and explore the rest of the vegan menu. Located at the Boxpark it is a great place to go to have a quick meal and the food at The Athenian is really really good and so affordable which is why I think it is somewhere I will definitely be visiting on a regular basis. This time, I tried the vegan gyros burger as well as the vegan gyros wrap (of course) and a side of tomato croquettes which were absolutely delicious.


The burger managed to spill out in the box a bit where it was so full and this did not bother me one little bit because their seitan is so delicious and with the chips that come with the burger meal it made a very delicious combination.

The wrap as I have reviewed on a few days ago did not fail to impress, the depth of flavours in their gyros seitan is what makes their wraps so moreish, with the well-cooked chips making this one of the best meals I have had well, in days, seeing as I only had one on Sunday and I was back at it again on Wednesday!


The tomato croquettes were so tasty, they had the sweet taste of tomatoes but this was definitely a savoury treat served on the side, these little mouthfuls of heaven rounded the whole meal off very nicely. I was made aware at the time of ordering that the croquettes can be put into a wrap which I will be trying when I return but I could not help myself when it came to ordering the seitan gyros again so will attempt to avert my gaze and appetite from my new favourite wrap and try the tomato croquettes instead.


They also have a nice range of drinks, one in particular caught my eye as it was a Greek lemonade that I thought would go nicely with this authentic meal and I was not wrong. For all of you who know that my level of orangeade standard is very high as it is one of my favourite drinks, will know, that as with lemonade I do not enjoy too sweet or too sour, I like it to be the perfect combination of both and I like it to make a good tang on my tongue too. This Greek lemonade was exactly how I like it, with the taste of orange being the first taste on the tongue it was a refreshing drink that completely the ‘on holiday’ feel when eating this meal. I also really liked that it is sweetened with stevia a natural plant sweetener.

I could not recommend The Athenian more it is definitely going to be my favourite place to grab a bite with my friends over the Summer! If you have been already to try out the menu then let me know what you think, or if you are planning to go let me know what you first thoughts were after tasting these meals, as always I post everything I eat on my Instagram so be sure to follow me there, for my latest vegan food finds!

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