Summer Vegan Menu at Nostrano Lounge

You know that Nostrano Lounge is one my favourite places to grab a bite to eat with my pals because the food is reasonably priced, the staff are fantastic and the food is delicious too, oh and it is doggy friendly so you can take your favourite 4 legged friends if you wish to!

I popped in a few weeks ago and tried out some of their Summer menu offerings and I was not disappointed, I ordered the pulled jackfruit burger with an extra hash brown inside and the burrito because anything with black beans in on the menu it is guaranteed I am going to order it!


Before going into the food that we devoured, the drinks we ordered were absolutely delicious, perfectly refreshing summer drinks, which with this currently heat wave situation we are having in England was very much welcomed! The Berry Delight refreshing drink made from apple juice, mixed berries also known as Bumbleberry juice and freshly squeezed lime, this was a very nice way to start the meal especially with the zing of the Orchard Mojito, which I would recommend for any designated driver because this is a drink you will not feel like you are missing out, when drinking, apple, pink grapefruit and lime juice with mint and cucumber, a gorgeously presented drink and a very satisfying one too! Nostrano also has glasses and water you can help yourself too, so if like us you arrive slightly dishevelled from the heat then you can feel free to help yourself!


Okay, so on to the food – starting with the Burrito Wrap with filled with roasted butternut squash, sweet potato with black beans, guacamole, with lime & coriander rice, wild rocket and tomato and chilli salsa this was a very tasty dish indeed and it came with a side of slaw and we ordered some chips to go with this as well which made the whole meal very filling and at just £7.95 this is a perfectly affordable vegan meal that I will be ordering again next time I go.


We also order the beast of a burger, the pulled jackfruit burger which at £8.95, I think was an absolute bargain, it did cost a little extra to add the hash brown but I was on a carb craving day so this is perfectly filling without the hash brown. What I really loved about this was that the jackfruit was in a crispy patty instead of loose which can sometimes cause the burger to become very messy, whereas this held together perfectly and with lettuce, tomato and red onion adding to the freshness and bite to this burger, finished off with roasted garlic veganaise, barbecue sauce all in a gorgeous sourdough bun this paired with slaw and chips was also heavenly. It was the perfect burger and probably one of my favourites, that I am likely to have when I go for a midweek treat with my friends!

I really like this place because of the number of vegan options they have and because everytime I go I try something new and love it, which is always a great thing to have as a vegan a restaurant that you can go to with your friends who are both vegan and non vegan and all get a tasty affordable meal, cannot recommend this place enough!

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