Greek Gyros at The Athenian

I am already a huge fan of The Athenian and have been ordering food from them for a few years now and have always been impressed by their grilled mushroom gyros as it is so tasty and such a simple dish that shows how well they have marinated and cooked their fresh ingredients to get the maximum flavour.

Hearing that they now offer vegan seitan gyros made me squeal with excitement, I have been eating gyros since I was a little girl on the beach of Arrilas, Corfu and I have continued to consider them one of my favourite things to eat and being vegan, it was an amazing treat to find that I can now order them with seitan to act as ‘meat’ in this delicious dish.


The gyros came with a generous amount of both seitan and chips with vegan mayo adding to the decadence of this aesthetically pleasing dish! It was like I was claiming back parts of my childhood with every bite except now it was even better because it was vegan and so delicious. The seitan is perfectly made so that it is thin and not too filling, as it can be extremely filling sometimes, with the chips creating that perfect carb-heavy treat that I love so much.


I also got one of their mushroom gyros because they are an all timefavourite of mine and this again did not disaspoint, the mushrooms are so meaty and wholesome adding such a nice filling to this gyros and a perfect option for those who wish to eat gluten free too.

I fear I shall be frequenting their Box Park branch a lot now that they have more vegan options as I see they have vegan burgers and tomato croquettes on the menu so will report back once I have taste them too!

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