Caribbean Lunch at Baygo

With the sun gracing us with its presence here in England, I like to eat fresh food that is light when the weather is so warm. Caribbean food is one of my favourites because it is such a nice cuisine to eat in the heat with fresh produce and bold flavours. With this in mind I went down to Baygo to see what vegan options they had for a hot sunny day and my oh my, did they have some great options.


If you follow me on Instagram you will already know how often I declare my undying love for plantain, which is why I was so happy that Baygo included it in their Jerk sweet potato salad! The salad was so nice on a hot day, with quinoa making up the base of the dish, topped with spinach, avocado, tomatoes, jerk sweet potato and of course plantain topped with a lime dressing, this was delicious! It was so yummy, that I would definitely order this again for my lunch any time I am passing by and it was filling too which was the best part because you can get a lot of salads that don’t fill you up but this was fairly sustantial.


Along with the salad Baygo falafel wrap, where Baygo have put their own spin on the falafel, with sweet potato, jerk bean hummus with sunshine slaw, this again was a very substantial wrap and was very satifying the hummus was very tasty!


I also had the Baked cassava fries which were seasoned well and made a nice change from regular or sweet potato fries, they were surprisingly light too, which is great because they go so well as a side with the wrap or salad (or in my case wrap and salad).


Feeling rather full, I decided I would take home the veggi pot to try, the chickpea and potato curry was absolutely divine and with the roti to dip in the callaloo and the curry it was such a filling, delicious dish, one that I would happily have over and over again for dinner!

I was extremely impressed with the food at Baygo and will definitely be heading back there soon for some more Caribbean delights as they were too good not to eat again and if you are taking your food away there is no need to feel guilty about the containers as they are all made from recycled materials and are recylable! Defintely worth expoloring if you are near by and want something different and delicious for lunch!

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