Bathing with Primal Suds

When it comes to soaps, even before being vegan was extremely fussy because I have sensitive skin and high expectations for the soap to lather well, smell great and preferably not be made from chemicals I can’t pronounce. So when I became vegan those priorities remained except now, I want them to also be animal free and cruelty-free also.

I have tried many different soaps, some expensive and some very cheap, I buy a lot of products from Lush and although I love their products I wanted to branch out a bit and find some handmade vegan soaps to try out, which is why I was very happy to see Primal Suds on my feed just as my previous soap was reaching the end of its life! What first drew me to their products was their fun packaging and amazing looking soaps. So I when my soaps arrived and I saw that Caveman and Cavewoman soaps were assigned different packaging I thought that this was really cool, especially sad there was no plastic involved, which made me so happy!

The smell of the Cave Woman Ramie Soap was incredible and oats really worked as a gentle but effective exfoliating, perfect for everyday use as it isn’t harsh on the skin. The soap lathered up really well and my sensitive skin did not appear to have any issues at all, in fact, their natural exfoliation made my skin really soft and smooth.

Their Green Grass soap was absolutely gorgeous with pine, lime and tea tree it makes the perfect soap for a really clean feel, especially on these hot summer days when washing thoroughly is essential this will be my go-to from now in as it was so refreshing and energising. It also left much skin feeling very soft and the gorgeous smell stayed on my skin for quite a long time.

With the comforting aromas if nutmeg and chai the Temper soap bar is definitely the one I would the when I am craving a little indulgence in the tub.the smells are so joyful and again it was so lovely and light on my skin. It was lovely to use in the bath after a long day.

To be honest, I have been so impressed with all of their products and looking forward to exploring more of their range in the future and if you like me want to find a decent product that doesn’t cost the earth, has no horrible chemicals, then I would highly recommend Primal Suds!

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