Greek Delights at The Hungry Donkey

With the Sun being so apparent in London at the moment, we decided we wanted to eat outside somewhere, as cooking in this heat is out of the window and being out in the Sun is wonderful especially with a cold drink in your hand.

In my hand on Monday evening at Hungry Donkey, was an Ouzo based cocktail named Bluezo after the addition of blue curacao to the mix made it a gorgeous blue colour, topped with tonic water and a caper berry, this was a great choice for a Summer’s day thirst quencher! I was extremely happy that they use metal straws here as well, showing that they are eco-friendly.


I really liked how upbeat and helpful the team were too! They were so nice to us and helped us choose delicious vegan options as well as strategically managing to fit everything we ordered on to our table which with my low sense of portion control was not an easy feat!


To start we shared a combination of hot and cold mezze dishes, all plant based and very fresh! I gathered that Melitzanosalata would be a good option as it is a roasted aubergine dip and I am very fond of any roasted aubergine based dish, I was not wrong! It was smokey and delicious, perfect with the pitta bread for dipping.

We order Gigantes which is an extremely tasty dish made from white runner beans that are baked in tomato sauce. The tomato sauce was rich but not so rich it would overpower the humble bean, very happy with this choice. We also added Revithia to our order slow-cooked chickpeas with lemon, garlic and a good hint rosemary, this was a great dish, simple but with a good depth of flavour.


Fava, a yellow split pea puree with onions, tomato and capers to garnish made a wonderful addition to the Melitzanosalata in terms of dips. This was such a smooth dish, with a velvet texture and the slight acidity of the onions and capers with the natural sweetness of the tomatoes made this one of my favourites amongst the mezzes. Lastly and most definitely not last Horta, foraged wild greens with olive oil & lemon, what I loved about this dish was that it was unashamedly simple with the flavours of the greens with the lemon making this such a delicious, light and fresh dish.


Having spent what seemed like a heavenly eternity eating out way through the mezzes, it was time to eat our mains, we had both opted for the Suvlaki, however, one as a wrap, served in pitta with tomato and onions, seasoned with paprika and the other on a skewer with roasted red pepper sauce. For sides, we chose to have their hand cut chips and a cabbage and carrot salad that was similar to a light coleslaw but with a little more bite.


Both the wrap and the skewer were so tasty, I really liked how the mushrooms, onions, courgette and peppers had been cooked, they were still juicy and had adopted the marinade excellently, which is why in next to no time we had devoured the mains and were ready to go on a long walk to digest the amazing food we had eaten.


This is such a lovely place to eat, it is a hidden Gem off Commercial Street and less than 5 minutes from Aldgate East station. It is the perfect spot for some delicious fresh Greek food, in the sun and the wonderful team will be more than happy to talk you through the drinks and food menu too!


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