Caribbean Cocktails at Cottons

I had heard great things about Cottons and their excellent Caribbean food, so being quite the fan of West Indian cuisine I thought it only right I check out their food, the fact they have a World Record amount of rums was just a bonus!Arriving at the Shoreditch restaurant, we were impressed with the Caribbean theme running through it, but with any restaurant promising authentic cuisine, the proof would be in the pudding, (or in our case, starter and mains).

We started with one of their vegan starters, Ital Garden Spring Rolls with sweet chilli sauce, they were a decent size and chilli sauce had a decent heat to it, with a simple side salad this was a nice, tasty starter. What I liked the most was that the rolls was served in the sweet chilli sauce so that you had enough spice for the whole dish just how I like it!

Obviously, you can’t visit a Cottons without trying some of their rum cocktails we thought that we would start in something light and build up our courage, to try something stronger, starting with the Dark ‘n’ Stormy, Gosling’s Black Seal with ginger beer and lime, a nice refreshing drink no wonder it is the official cocktail of Bermuda, alongside the Raas Berry Explosion which was absolutely delicious, with raspberries and lime, masking the taste of the generous measure of Appleton Special, this could be a dangerous one, as it tasted so good!

On to the main course and it was time for a very tasty, spicy Ital vegan curry with rice and peas! It was incredible with bullet dumplings that just added to the authenticity of it I was a very happy piglet. Of course, I couldn’t come to a Caribbean restaurant and not try their plantain an absolute favourite of mine and sweet potato fries just finished of my lack of portion control, all together it was a very tasty meal. The rice and peas were cooked to perfection and the plantain is the best plantain I have ever had and that is saying something considering how often I eat it!

Full very full it was time for a few more cocktails before we hit the road, this time we went for the Killer Doppi (the Jamaican word for Ghost) made with 4 different types of rum, apricot liqueur, blue curacao, orange, pineapple and lime juice, this was not a cocktail for the faint hearted but was surprisingly sweet and fresh with the fruit juices that it didn’t taste too strong, though we did have a serious case of the giggles afterwards! We also had the Cherry Garden, a white rum cocktail mixted with gin and maraschino liqueur, fresh red grapes, lavender syrup, lime and lychee juice topped with prosecco and a cherry on the side which made me very happy.

I was very impressed with the food and drinks at Cottons and would happily go back there very soon to enjoy their vegan options again, especially their plantain! Outstanding food with cocktails mixology like no other, this is one of the best places in London for authentic West Indian dining experience!This is perfect restaurant for a great meal out for a hot Summer’s night.

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