Friday Night at Kings Head

Seeing as we have been graced with some wonderful non-typical British Summer weather, I have been enjoying eating outside as much as possible. I have been trying to enjoy the weather as much as I possibly can, to be honest, and what better way to than to sit in the wonderful courtyard of Kings Head on a Friday night and enjoy some delicious vegan food and cocktails.

When arriving at the venue, I was immediately struck with the decor of the inside, with statues and doors hanging off of the ceiling. After walking down a corridor that featured tribal masks and a setting from ‘Stranger Things’, we were lead to the courtyard, with a fully stocked cocktail bar and grill outside with trendy large booths as an option of where to sit, this was a lovely place to spend a Friday night.

The team were so nice and friendly, the cocktail list was quite substantial so they were happy to help suggest drinks etc. We went for Dan The Man, a cocktail that states it is not for the faint hearted which might have something to do with the ingredients consisting of tequila, dark rum, white rum, though mixed with lime juice, orange and pineapple, this sweet and sour cocktail was designed to get the weekend started!

With the party for 2 underway, it was time to eat, with vegan options available here we were happy to try them all, with tapenade bruschetta, mushroom and potato croquettes and cauliflower hot ‘wings’ to begin we were very impressed.

The hot sauce on the cauliflower wings was just as I liked it, super spicy! I absolutely could not get enough of their hot sauce. I loved the fact that these were on the menu as it showed the kitchen clearly knows how to cook vegan food with flavour and boy, were these yummy!

If spice isn’t your thing, fear not they had other options such as the bruschetta which had so much flavour from the tapenade and the diced tomatoes on top offered a nice contrast. I really liked the difference in flavour between the green and black olive tapenade and would definitely order these again when we go with friends as they were great for sharing.

The mushroom and potato croquettes were to die for, they were so light and fluffy inside and sealed on the outside just enough to make them crispy but not to dry out the middle. They were so delicious, these would also be great to share, however, I warn you they may create silences where you just nod at each other in appreciation, or at least that is what we did!

Following this triumphant trio, we were then on the main meal, which was a chickpea burger and chips, the burger patty was nice and light with a hint of heat and served with a fair amount of guacamole to give it a kick of freshness, served with perfectly crispy fries, this was a very good main, especially for the Summer months when you are wanting something light but substantial for a day out drinking in the sunshine.

The booths were spacious with mismatched boxes making the table, which looks really cool. They are under cover but this did not stop us from beinf warm, should you wish to worship the sun, then there are plenty of tables and chairs out in the open parts of the courtyard to do so. We were so impressed with this place that we have already arranged to go back with our friends. It is such a great venue and if you are in a booth while the cocktails were flowing with loved ones it is the perfect place to create some great Summer night memories, just try to not drink so many cocktails you can’t remember them!

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