Divine Grecian Dinner at Suvlaki

When we arrived at Suvlaki situated on London’s famous Brick Lane, we were immediately drawn to sit in the naughty corner, a table for 2 tucked up in an alcove, it was very romantic and we enjoyed how intimate it was here. The lovely lady who was looking after us for the evening was very quick to bring us much needed water with ice and lemon, which I found very thoughtful considering the heat we are experiencing in London at the moment.

I have written before about my fond memories of Greece as a child, it is the place I think of whenever I want to escape reality, their beautiful beaches, nature, people and of course the food! Needless to say that their food is one of my favourite things to eat, not only because it is so classicly simple but delicious but because of the walk down memory lane I go on every time I eat it.

They have a plethora of options on the menu that can be made vegan. This was very good news for us as we were very hungry and eager to eat a lot of Greek! We started with olives and pita bread, which were very nice, followed by a Greek salad. The salad was exceptional, the freshness of the cucumber was exaggerated by the sweetness of the tomatoes and the olives add a nice extra punch to this delicious refreshing salad.


Next, we had the stuffed aubergine with hazelnut and pomegranate seeds which was cooked perfectly, the tang of the pomegranate worked well with the earthy flavours and the smokiness of the aubergine, a very light Summer dish.

We also had some Greek drinks to go with the theme of the evening their lemonade and orangeade were so refreshing and this reminded me so much of a very similar drink I used to have in Corfu so it was very well received. I really liked how the lemonade was bitter from the lemons without being too sweet, exactly how I like it!

Their grilled veggies were so appeasing, the typical Greek food that I love so much, so simple yet so tasty. Grilled perfectly were courgettes, tomatoes and onions, with a hunt of oregano and olive oil this was the perfect dish for sharing.

With a portion of their freshly cooked chips to really make it feel like we were on holiday! They served the chips with a balsamic reduction which worked so well with the grilled vegetables and pitta, it was sweet with a burst of acidity on the palate, a welcomed addition.

Everything that this restaurant had served so far made me think of Crete, Corfu, Halkidiki, Zakynthos and Rhodes, each having their own spin on foods I have loved so much previously. Obviously, I could not visit a restaurants named Suvlaki and not try their suvlaki which for those of you who aren’t familiar is the Greek term for basically anything that is grilled on a skewer and seeing as we do not eat meat, I was very interested in how they were going to make a veggie suvlaki.

Well, as I have not been back to Greece since I have become vegan, this was a new experience and the suvlaki that they served surpassed my expectations, it was absolutely divine. Grilled broccoli, onions, peppers and mushrooms all served on a bed of delicious quinoa with sunflower seeds and pomegranate, I absolutely loved this dish, in fact, I wished I had ordered more because I could have eaten so much more of this!


Lastly, I finished with a Greek coffee, just how I like it strong and with a hint of sugar, the perfect way to end a delicious meal. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to experience Greek food, it is perfect for couples or groups as the menu is designed in a tapas style way so you can all share in tasting this amazing food!

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