Dinner at Arancini Brothers

Having previously been to Arancini Brothers a few years ago, as I found it whilst shopping in Dalston, I had always thought their food was pretty good. I had since seen their menu was 100% vegan, which mean obviously I had to go and check it out.

The food was so good that I cannot believe I haven’t been in so long, not only is their food so affordable it is absolutely delicious as well, which is why I will be making it a regular dinner pit stop. We (I), thought we should try a little bit of everything to make sure we had covered the entire menu for a full and informative review, so we had their mushroom burger with paprika chips, risotto balls with dips and their salad bowl with spicy chorizo pieces.


The burger was incredible, decadent and flavoursome, with a generous amount of melted cheese this mushroom arancini special was so good, it is actually hard to put it in to words. The fresh leaves and tomato cut through the cheese and patty to make it a fresh and satisfying burger that I would happily eat any day of the week.

Their fries are seasoned with smokey paprika which works so well with the smokey cheese which makes the centre of their arancini so ridiculously flavoursome. Every arancini was cooked perfectly which meant that I didn’t quite want the pot of them to finish but with the salsa and sour cream like dips making them increasily moreish, it was difficult to stop myself!IMG_20180716_151422_094.jpg

The salad I thought was a ploy to trick myself I had had a healthy meal, however, this was a salad like no other, it was unbelievably tasty. With chorizo like pieces added a fair amount of spice which worked incredibly well with the freshness of the salad. This was obviously topped off with yet more arancini which was the perfect way to finish off this feast of decadent deliciousness!


I also really liked that Arancini Brothers are dedicated to working with local businesses which is why they sell Dalston drinks, we had their ginger beer and orange drink which were both very nice indeed and went really nice with the meal on this hot summer’s day.


If you are ever near one of thier branches I highly recommend you going in and treating yourself to any of their dishes, I promise you will love it!

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