Sunday Afternoon at Oslo

A few weeks ago I went to a wonderful bar/restaurant in Hackney – Oslo to try out some tequila, I really liked the decor and so was only too happy to return to try out their vegan menu on Sunday afternoon.


I liked the atmosphere because it is very laid back and relaxed, perfect when you want to go for something to eat on a Sunday afternoon. I was very ready to try out their food as I was hungry and the vegan menu looked great!


We started off with some scrumptious toasted sourdough bread with balsamic vinegar and oil and tempura avocado with sweet chilli dip, which was amazing.


The char lines on the bread gave it a lovely smokey taste and obviously, the classic balsamic and oil combination was perfect for this moreish starter. I think that starters like this are perfect to get everyone involved.


The tempura was dyed red for aesthetics and it looked so appetising which was fantastic because it tasted pretty delicious too. This again was a great starter for sharing, although it was so yummy, I really did not want to share.


We tried the Lemonaid brands lemonades, one passionfruit and the other lemon and lime, they were great for quenching our thirst from the relentless heat, luckily it was nice and cool in Oslo too, which make it a very comfortable space for eating.


For mains, we ordered the mushroom burger with chips and the Gr∅nn salad. Both were very tasty indeed. The portabello mushroom was cooked in red tempura batter as with the avocado to make the burger very colourful with the red contrasting against the green from the guacamole and the fresh lettuce in the bun.


Served with very well seasoned fries this was very tasty. I really liked the burger and although it was a little big for me to pick up and eat in one go, cutting in half worked well, the fresh tomato was really juicy too.


The Gr∅nn salad was not your average salad either, this had red tempura broccoli for some extra crunch, edamame, cucumber and baby gem for freshness and smooth creamy avocado which worked really well with the coconut vinaigrette, the candied ginger was a nice touch too and brought another taste element to this very filling salad, topped with edible petals. Not only a great looking dish but the taste matched the look of this dish and was very satisfying.


The team here were so lovely and helpful. They advised us what we could have and what dishes could be adapted for vegans. I loved the way that the dishes were plated and I also was a fan of the classic 80’shits that were being played in the background.


The lady who was serving suggested we try their iced tea at the end of the meal which was perfect for a hot sunny day, so I had a vegan iced latte which was very well received and a great way to finish a lovely meal.

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