Yummy Summer Supper at Bob’s Cafe

With the weather being so ridiculously hot in England at the moment, unheard of here usually, I thought it would be best to make the most of the sunshine and enjoy some long Summer nights out for dinner with my other half. The best way to do that is to enjoy good food and as I have already been to Bob’s Cafe in Muswell Hill last year, I thought this year I would check out the Bob’s Cafe Queen’s Park restaurant. I was very excited to try their new Summer vegan menu mostly, their new vegan creme brulee. One of my favourite desserts of all time and one I had yet to have veganised, so was looking forward to this greatly.


As I wanted to be sure that I would have space for dessert, I skipped the starters, opting for a very refreshing ‘Hibiscus Up Beet’ Iced Tea which was a cool blend of green tea, beetroot for colours and earthy flavour, hibiscus, cranberry for that node of sourness and mint to keep it fresh. It was such a refreshing drink for this warm Summer night.

The restaurant front had been opened up entirely so that the breeze could quell the undying heat and the decor of the restaurant was very classic and comforting with a modern edge, which I really like. The team were very helpful in suggesting drinks and answering any questions which added to the great ambience of this restaurant.

I opted for the Miso Soul Bowl as I am a mushroom lover and the Mediterranean Grain Bowl because who doesn’t love a refreshing bowl of goodness when it comes to a hot Summer’s evening?


The Miso Soul Bowl was absolutely delicious. It was beautifully presented, making it instantly appetising, packed with a mixture of meaty mushrooms and had such a depth of umami from the miso, with bok choy and edamame for a spritz of green goodness and rice noodles to enable me to slurp to my heart’s content. I liked the fact that this dish was packed with the substance which meant that I was not left just with broth towards the end. This was a dish that I would order time and time again!

Once I had rapidly devoured my own dinner it was time to reach across to my partner’s meal – the Mediterranean Grain Bowl, it looked delicious and I had to taste each element ‘for the blog’, obviously. This was the perfect dinner for a warm night with lots of light and refreshing elements, I particularly loved the chunky sweet potato wedges, with the roasted cauliflower adding extra texture, the brown rice and brown rice made it really filling but the dish was kept from being too heavy with the vinaigrette and vegetables. the slightly al dente broccoli injected an element of crunch that went well with the nuts and seeds incorporated in the dish. The dish was rounded off with pomegranate that added some extra zing. Which made it a very nice, well rounded healthy and satisfying plant-based meal.


After a very successful savoury savouring, it was that moment, I had been waiting for since stalking the menu a few weeks before – the passionfruit topped coconut creme brulee. Seeing as Creme Brulee is a dish I have enjoyed since I can remember, my expectations were high. I had never had a Creme Brulee that was anything other than just that, so with items, such a passionfruit and coconut weaved into to this heavenly dessert, I was intrigued how the flavours would balance out together. I ordered a black Americano to drink with it to offset the sweetness and this seemed to make a very good combination.


Well, let me just start by saying there are not many things I love more in the culinary world that smashing through the layer of caramelised sugar on a creme brulee, it is one of those tireless aesthetics for me that I believe I will still enjoy in 50 years time.

Underneath this particular layer of crunchy sugar was the most beautifully balance coconut creme brulee it was sweet but not too sweet, rich but nowhere near sickly, it was perfect. The passionfruit added some tang to the dish and before I knew it, I was scraping the last pieces off the side of the dish. It was excellent, simply and brilliantly executed and perfectly vegan. This is a dessert anyone would love vegan or not!

This concluded our evening at the Queens Park Bob’s cafe but the discussions of the food and it’s deliciousness continued all the way home. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wanted a nice Summery meal with a great atmosphere at a reasonable price! Do let me know if you go or have already been and what your thoughts are on the creme brulee – I will be heading back very soon for more!




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