Lovely Lunch at Wrap Chic

A few months ago I noticed a new restaurant near the Tower of London called Wrap  Chic, as I didn’t have time to stop, I googled it when I got home to see if they had any vegan options and when I saw they did I made sure I went back to try it out, as I loved the layout of this restaurant something about it was drawing me in.


Being a huge fan of spices and aromats I was really looking forward to trying out their vegan menu and was very happy that they had vegan lassi as it is one of my favourite drinks but one that I rarely find vegan, however their pear and coconut lassi was one the best I have ever had it was rich but not too sweet or overly decadent it was perfectly balanced, exactly how I like my lassi’s to be.


For my meal I had the Aloo Matar wrap which was so tasty with Indian spiced potatoes and peas with a good amount of tamarind and lettuce, it was so tasty. I have also had their soya amritsari wrap which had nice soft chunks of soya with some delicious spices, it was so tasty that I actually had to laugh at myself, when it was pointed out to meby my other half that other every bite I took I said ‘this is so good’.


I absolutely loved these wraps and although they are very tasty and pretty filling,I thought I would add some wedges, which are oven baked and spiced slightly giving them so much flavour.


Overall I was very impressed with their vegan food choices, they have such a tasty and healthy food concept at Wrap Chic and I really liked how helpful and friendly the team were too. If you are ever near one of their restaurants then I highly suggest popping in for some tasty food,that is reasonably priced and the restaurant is nice and chilled too -perfect!

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