Amazing Vegan Pizza at Radio Alice

I have been to Radio Alice once before to enjoy their vegan pizza but upon seeing their new vegan pizza that featured peas and that just had me so curious that I had to taste it! Radio Alice is situated in Hoxton Square, in what used to be a school, this wonderful pizza restaurant makes fresh pizzas in an open kitchen so you can see how fresh everything is, which for me, as a vegan is always fantastic as the fresh vegetables are always welcome on my plate!


The amazing thing about the pea pizza before I even go into how good it tasted is that it is only £6.75, which I think is incredible! The pizza consists of a pea puree based with black olives and caramelised red onions, this is a very tasty pizza indeed, perfect for Summer and considering the price it is a pizza I think I will be having more often! The dough is perfect, not too thick or too thin for that matter and for me the test is whether or not the topping falls off when you pick it up. Needless to say, this pizza passed the test!


Now, of course, you guys know me by now, I would never enter a pizzeria without ordering at least 2 pizzas, it’s just standard practice, you have to have a pizza per person, sharing pizza can only be possible if you have half a pizza to trade in my book. So you can order a plain vegan pizza which is purely parsley, garlic and tomato base, this is only £5, so I added olives and mushrooms to it for just £1 extra each. Olives and mushrooms are my favourite two things to top a pizza with I love the meatiness of the mushrooms and the taste that olives offer to a pizza, so this went down pretty well too.


We shared a garlic bread, which you can make vegan by asking they use garlic oil instead of garlic butter and it is basically a mini pizza, which was so delicious, I added extra garlic oil because I adore it and I added some to my pizza as well. The team here are so lovely, you can ask them for extra garlic oil or chilli oil to spice up your pizza or garlic bread and they will happily get you some.


They have a great selection of drinks, I have really been enjoying fruity drinks in this hot weather so we had the Rhubard soda and Citrus Crush soda by Square Root, both were really refreshing and perfect to compliment the pizzas.


They have a lovely outdoor eating area at Radio Alice which means you can sit and enjoy the sunshine and a pizza at the same time, that is what I intend on doing, this is a place you can easily spend less than £20 for 2 people and have a really lovely enjoyable meal.

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