Afternoon Eats at Wulf + Lamb

The first time that I went to Wulf + LambWulf + Lamb I was blown away, not just by the taste of their food but the presentation of it and the whole atmosphere of the restaurant including their team makes this place such a special place to me. I have been looking forward to going back for a long time and am so happy that I finally could make it back last week.

We arrived late afternoon after walking in the midday sun for a couple of hours which meant were parched and extremely hungry. Peach and Vanilla Nix and Kix, which is a drink I love so much as it has a hint of cayenne pepper in it to give a little extra zing!


Now, I know that a stew is probably not the natural choice on a hot Summer’s day but I couldn’t resist the Wulf Pie the temptation of both lentils and jackfruit in one dish, the mixture of the two was cooked perfectly and topped with perfectly creamy mash and baby carrots on the side.


I thought I would pair this wonderfully decadent dish with a light seasonal salad. with it being Summer and all. This may seem like a strange pairing but actually the two worked very well together, the salad was so fresh with peas and shallots which added crunch and texture, whereas the Wulf pie was rich and creamy, which contrasted perfectly.


We also got the Wulf Burger because we knew from last time that it was incredible so this time we couldn’t resist it! The seitan patty is absolutely divine and the cashew aioli was so delicious, with the usual burger extras, tomato, onions and pickles, it is so filling and satisfying.


The burger does come with wedges on the side but naturally, as we were so very hungry and we knew how good the wedges were here, we got them as a side too. I say ‘ we’- I mean my partner it was his burger and his wedges but I managed to eat some of the burger and a fair amount of the wedges in exchange for some of my salad, so it was a win/ win situation really. The wedges are a mixture of white and sweet potato they are really chunky and perfect for dipping in their ketchup!

When it came to desserts, we really were not going to share, because we both had our favourite cakes. I ordered the carrot cake, possibly my favourite thing to eat of all time and my darling ordered his favourite cake ever – the red velvet cake.


I will go on record as saying, these were the best cakes I have ever had and I have eaten a lot of carrot cake in my time, the fact that these cakes were vegan makes me emotional, it really does. The fact that we have come so far as a vegan community that vegan cakes taste better than any other cake I have ever had in my life makes me so happy. The carrot cake was outstanding it was a light but tasty sponge with rich icing which is exactly why I love carrot cake, so that was fantastic for me.


The red velvet cake looked regal, it was such a majestic shade of deep red with beautiful rich icing, I did manage taste a slither and it was pretty damn good. I will definitely be taking my non-vegan friends there for tea and cake as I know they would absolutely love it as much as I do.


I had such an amazing time at Wulf + Lamb yet again and it still firmly remains one of my favourite restaurants in London. I will be back soon ordering large pieces of cake and I think we all know I won’t be stopping at just that. This restaurant is one I urge all vegans to go to at least once.

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