Delicious Dinner at Banana Tree

Last week as the sun was beaming down we decided to take a trip to Banana Tree in Islington for dinner, I have been to their Soho branch and remember the food being very tasty so thought it would be nice to check out their Islington restaurant. The decor in this restaurant is so classic and simple which I really like as it immediately creates a relaxed eating environment which is exactly what we look for when deciding where to go for dinner.

Before even starting to list what we ate (it was a lot), I would really like to point out that the staff we so lovely,  I really enjoyed that they were attentive but not so much that you feel you can’t eat without someone coming to disturb you, which is a pet peeve of mine. They were happy to suggest vegan courses and the Manager was so helpful when it came to choosing a herbal tea to conclude our meal.


Starting the meal with some much-needed water, you all know by now, how important being hydrated is to me and then I wanted a fresh juice, so had their apple, orange and passionfruit with mint- what a refreshing combination!


For starters, we had one portion of Vietnamese lettuce wraps each and shared a plate of their vegan gyoza. The gyoza was fried with a delicious filling of shitake mushrooms, chives, spring and carrots. Packed full of flavour and so delicious with their sweet chilli dip which was so tasty and perfectly balanced.


What I love about these is that they do come with lettuce and mint to wraps around the spring rolls before dipping into their sumptuous sweet chilli dip, with some Vietnamese pickled veggies on the side, it was such a delicious dish, with such a plethora of taste combinations. I really enjoyed this and am so glad that we had a portion each because I would not have been willing to share otherwise!


For our main courses, we had agreed to share, an offer which often gets retracted upon the delivery of the food, this was one of those occasions. I ordered the Bun Bo Salad with vegan satay which was absolutely delicious. The vegan satay was just perfect, I would have eaten a whole plate of these alone but the bowl was huge and packed full of tasty goodness, such as a huge salad, that had crushed nuts and rice noodles over the top to give it some real textures and their sesame rice crackers were perfect for scooping up all of the flavours and devouring in one (large) mouthful. The sauce was sweet and spicy which I liked over the salad it was certainly not your average salad and I think I will be ordering this every time from now on, such delicious healthy goodness!


We also ordered their vegan sweet and sour with steamed Jasmine rice which was so good. Good is an understatement! This was quite possibly the best sweet and sour sauce I have ever tasted made from real fruit juices with huge chunks of pineapple in it this dish was a winner and with the Jasmine rice to soak up the sauce it was just perfect.

I loved both dishes so much I think we would probably order more veggies next time, as we saw other people had ordered them when we were eating and would have loved to have added them to this meal but we did have enough to contend with as it was so next time we may order one starter each and go from there!


For dessert mango sorbet was on the cards and I have been craving so different herbal teas recently so decided to ask the Manager which one he would recommend he suggested the green tea with peach and he was very correct in suggesting this as it was the perfect way to this delicious, decadent meal.



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