Summer Ready – Barbecues + Picnics

As you will know from my previous blogs I have been barbecuing my way through the English ‘Summer’ and have been absolutely loving spending so much time with my friends and family in such a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. I have been making a conscious effort to spend more quality time with my loved ones this Summer and for me, that includes eating and drinking obviously!


Barbecues are amazing for getting the whole family together or large groups of friends and the attitude towards trying vegan food have been amazing, which has made us very happy, as it is always lovely to share some of the delicious things we eat with our non-vegan loved ones.

One staple that is always going to be on our dinner plate whatever the weather, of course, is the humble black bean, packed with protein and general goodness these delicious beans are so versatile and we try to serve them to anyone who eats with us!


Linda McCartney’s burgers and sausages have been a great hit, along with Tofurky sausages and No Bull burgers which are my favourite to date. Vivera has been making some incredibly delicious vegan faux meat dishes as well, including their vegan steak that blew my mind! I have also been marinating Impulse Tempeh to make delicious ‘ribs’ which have been a real success also, I have also changed the recipe slightly by cutting them into thinner slices and then making it into ‘bacon strips’ which has gone well also.


I am having a gathering with my besties next weekend and we are going to be having a picnic with some beers, so will be coming up with some picnic ideas this week in order to lay on a large spread! With the weather being as lovely as it is, it is hard not to take advantage of it and make memories with friends and family.


Leon has such an amazing variety of vegan dishes at the moment, so if all picnicking ideas fail, then we shall be heading thereto grab some delicious snacks that are park ready and off we will go. I really enjoyed their falafel wrap and got a side of their hummus which was divine! Their juices are great too, perfect for a pick me up in this hot weather and reasonably priced too.

I will be back with more vegan finds and an update on my outdoor life very soon, please make sure to stay hydrated and wear sun cream if you plan on being out in the sun, being burnt is no joke! Let me know if you have any recipe suggestions for my picnic and also if there are any places I need to be eating at this Summer!

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