Summer Take Out with Zing Zing

If you have looked at my Instagram over the past few weeks then you will see that I have posted many pictures of my BBQ dinners and whilst I do love a good BBQ, if I am honest, there are some nights when I just cannot be bothered! With the world cup coming up it is likely we are going to be having several gatherings to watch the games with friends and family etc, which means a good take out is a must!

I first tried Zing Zing last year and was amazed at how many delicious vegan options they had and when the World Cup is on and everyone is having a few drinks, the fact that they deliver it makes it so easy and relatively fast too! With their copious vegan options, which of course, I have tried the majority of, my favourite being the rendang curry, because the sweet potato looks so much like meat I had to double check that it was an actual sweet potato dish. It is so succulent and delicious and this was the one I wish I hadn’t shared, in fact, going forward I am going to be ordering an extra portion to eat all to myself – it is that good!


I am more of the ethos where I like to share all the dishes ordered so you end up with a palatable plate that is varied in flavour and textures but if sharing isn’t your thing then you can always order individually for yourself and guests.

We have miso aubergine that was outrageously good, it fell apart so easily the aubergines were cooked until tender and the miso gave the dish a wealth of flavour, with a subtle infusion of green tea and sesame seeds for extra aesthetics and crunch.

Following along the aubergine incentive, we also had Szechuan aubergine this was slightly more firm with garlic, chilli and ginger amping up the taste buds, this went really well with the Firecracker cauliflower, which was a knockout dish by itself but together with the aubergine there were lots of closed eyes with ‘mmm’s’ as we all enjoyed this meal together! The cauliflower was coated with a sweet and sour glazed and served with onions and peppers and it was fantastic, this is definitely on the list of favourites to be ordered again.

Sweet and sour tofu is a dish I would have never even thought of eating before turning vegan but suddenly after a while of being vegan and cooking with tofu myself I really have grown to love it. The sweet and sour sauce was a perfect balance, not too acidic as some sauces can be. This went well with the brown rice that was steamed with quinoa, mixed wild rice and bulgur wheat, this made the dish feel ever so slightly more healthy and I really enjoyed the texture of this rice and grain combination with the sauce of the sweet and sour tofu as well as the Rendang.

The seasonal Chinese greens again gave me the impression I was being perfectly indulgent in healthy food and I really enjoy the almost broth-like sauce that this was served in, these went so well with the steamed white rice that seemed to soak up the sauce really well.

By now I had started to build up quite a generous helping on my plate but had obviously made enough room for my beloved seaweed, which I have adored for as long as I can remember and would quite honestly say I don’t think a Chinese meal is ever complete without it! At Zing Zing, they coat theirs with coconut dust rather than sugar which adds a really nice flavour. The brings me on to their coconut salt dusted cauliflower, which is going to be my new go-to starter from now on, it was ridiculously tasty and to be honest with you dipped in the sweet chilli dip that accompanies it, I was in major food heaven!

All washed down with their bubble tea and jasmine tea both were highly appreciated after such a rich and tasty meal, I would highly recommend both as these, I was surprised they are both vegan and very impressed by the tastes. They certainly were great to kwell the mouth after such an explosion of flavours!

You can order Zing Zing by telephone or online when ordering you will receive a text message that will direct you to a link, where you will be able to track your driver. It was extremely accurate and the people could not be more friendly. I would recommend on busy nights such as when the football is on ordering well in advance to ensure you are able to choose your delivery time etc, but I hope you all enjoy their food as much as I do over the Summer months!

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