Summer Giveaway

Summer is finally here in England and although we have had a few storms, it looks like the Sun is here to stay, that is why I thought it would be a great time to launch a giveaway. I am giving my blog subscribers an early heads up as the competition is not going to begin until 1st June, however, seeing as you are already subscribed here you are already ahead, as this is one of the entry requirements.

You will also need to head over to my Instagram and follow me there, as well as the wonderful companies I am going to be collaborating with for these Summery treats. There will only be one winner and the winner will be notified on 14th June that they have won, this is for UK participants only as the logistics of posting abroad, especially with food in the heat, doesn’t seem well for me.

Do not fear my lovely followers from outside of the UK I will be doing a global give away later in the year, so stay tuned for that! I plan on doing quite a few different giveaways over the next few months and throughout the year really as I am so grateful for all of the wonderful support I receive from you all.

I will also be posting a lot more BBQ ideas so if you have been seeing my posts on IG don’t worry I will be sharing my Jerk Black Bean recipes very soon, as well potatoes 5 ways, that are perfect for barbecues and sunny days and don’t take forever to make. I have quite a few reviews in store also, with all Summer ranges arriving in stores and restaurants now, I am eating my way through all the good stuff to report back to you guys! So do let me know if you think there are any places I need to be trying and I will do my best to get down there and tuck in!

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