Vegatsu Launch at Wagamama Noodle Lab

I headed down to the Wagamama Noodle Lab last night to try out the Vegatsu, which for those of you who don’t know is their vegan Katsu curry along with their new Nasty beer n collaboeation with Meantime Brewery, which is made with passionfruit to really give this beer a Summer vibe. The evening started with edamame which had me over the moon! I love edamame so much that I managed to devour so many bowls of them, I don’t have the capacity to say no to these things!

Next up was the Yasai steamed buns which were absolutely sensation. I am a gyoza kinda girl and I have had my fair share since being vegan which is why I was so surprised how much I liked these as they really stood out flavour wise from others I have had in the past. Sadly I didn’t get another plate of these as I was already on to the next course but will definitely be back to eat some more of these in the very near future!

The hirata steamed buns with crispy panko coated aubergine and mixed mushrooms were delectable and I did ask for more of these because I could have eaten a dozen of these, maybe even more! The texture combinations were amazing in these buns and they are so moreish I absolutely adored them!

The main event being the Vegatsu and what an event it was. I have always loved Was a mama’s Katsu sauce so the fact that they use the same sauce on this incredible seitan based dish is remarkable. The texture of the seitan is light and with the crispy coating it is exactly how a Katsu should be, served with the rice (obviously), and a delicious salad to refresh the palate between mouthfuls, it was the perfect dish in every way. We both managed to eat 5 servings of this, yes 5. It was that good!

The beer was the perfect drink with all of the food that was served it was light and the flavour of the passion fruit lifted it to make it a great choice for a warm night as it was instantly refreshing and very easy to drink, which may be why I managed to drink so many of them so easily. Would definitely recommend!

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  1. Jody says:

    This looks amazing! I’ll have to get myself to Wagamama’s soon!


    1. I would highly recommend, they have so many vegan options and their food is delicious!


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