No Bull Burgers

I have had my fair share of vegan burgers and I have tasted the good, the bad and the just pure useless and to be honest this Summer, I was planning on trying out some new burgers, not only because I love burgers but also because I wanted to blog and share with you what I think of certain burgers so I could direct you straight to the good ones. Low and behold, I see my Instagram feed flooded with photos of the No Bull Burger and decided to pick some up and try them. At ¬£2 for 2 they are reasonably priced for vegan burgers, they are exclusive to Iceland and I have managed to find them in all Iceland’s I have been to recently, so am assuming they have rolled them out across all branches now.


First impressions when taking it out of the packaging was that they were a good size but as they were frozen I was unsure as to whether they were going to shrivel up once cooked. I tried to cook them a few ways, frying and baking, as well as putting them straight on the barbecue and they held their shape and size very well indeed.

When it came to tasting them, I decided it was good to go the old classic way of mustard and ketchup with a slice of cheese, sadly I did not have any gherkins to hand but would definitely add them in the future. The burger itself is delicious it, it is probably the closest I have had to a meat burger since becoming vegan and it was absolutely divine.

Not only was the burger ‘meaty’ I really liked the way that the colour stayed slightly pink in the middle it was so realistic to a burger it was slightly offputting for me to begin with but as soon as I tasted it, it was clear that these were going to be my go-to burgers for the Summer without a doubt. I have already stocked my freezer up with them and have given to non-vegan family members who were very impressed.

I would highly recommend throwing some of these on the barbecue this Summer and serving them to non-suspecting friends, I guarantee they will not be able to tell! Please let me know your thoughts when you taste them and do forget to follow me on Instagram for all of my barbecue snaps!

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