Coming Soon for the Summer

Every year, I do the same thing, moan about the weather until it is Sunny and before I get around to planning anything with my friends and family the best of the Summer has gone and it is back to me moaning about the weather.

This year, however, I decided to be a little more organised and although I am fully aware that I am not the most sociable of people, I have made the effort to stick some dates in the diary and get to see my beautiful friends and wonderful family. Which is where being vegan can for some be tricky, however, I will not only be blogging about fun activities, including Skylight (pictured) as well as great places to eat, I will also be letting you know what I take to my friends to eat and what they cook for me!

I am very excited to say that this year, we will be hosting an all-vegan barbecue that all of our friends are attending and I could not be happier that they are all open-minded enough to try our vegan creations, so of course will be170523-193102-TheDock_Skylight_preview blogging about that too. I will be posting all the recipes for this online as well as pictures of the food on the day and hopefully the positive feedback from my friends!

If like me you don’t really enjoy socialising in big crowds, I have you in mind and I will be posting other ideas of home DIY ideas I have as well as ways to save money by making cheap vegan treats that I am sure you are all going to love!

I am slightly behind on my blogs still as I am still catching up from the last few weeks when I was too ill to blog and as I am slowly recovering I will be blogging more and more, so please subscribe to my blog and Instagram to read more about my Summer ideas.

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