Lush Cosmetics at Westfield White City

Being a blogger has its rewards and being invited to a Lush store opening was a massive treat for me. I am a huge Lush fan and have spent hundreds of pounds on their products over the years, purely because I think that their products are fantastic, especially when you have sensitive skin and are vegan! Now, of course, it would not be fair for me to go alone to such an event because sharing is caring and all of that jazz, so I took my two besties for a day of elation. We were like 3 children in a never-ending sweet shop with products exclusive to Lush – White City as well as Easter products it was the best time to have come along to this wonderful store.

If you have been to Lush before you will know that all of their staff are so knowledgeable about their products and know exactly what products will work for your skin type which is fantastic for me because I don’t have a clue. All I know is that every time I purchased a product from Lush it has been so good and I like to try a new product every time, not because I don’t love the ones I had previously, I just want to try everything!

The store looks fantastic and I am not just saying that because of all of the Lush stores I have been to have looked great but for me, the size and space in this store was perfect for exploring everything that they had to offer for a dry-skinned little vegan like myself. The staff here were lovely, helpful and so happy to help, which was a good job really as we had tonnes of questions and wanted to try a little bit of everything.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram, you will know I have been really unwell over the last few weeks so I am slightly behind in uploading this, which means that I think some of the Easter products will no longer be in store or may still be but won’t be for much longer – at the time of publishing this the items were still available online.I picked up a lot of their Easter goodies in a bid to relax and unwind with some new bath bombs and boy, oh boy, did I have some great baths with these bath bombs! As mentioned in my last catch up blog post, I can’t begin to explain Lush products like Lush can, so will use their description with each item and then add my personal experience, to let you know how I found them.

Starting with the wonderful ‘Which Came First’ bath bombs this is how Lush describes it -“Well, if this barmy bomb is anything to go by, the age-old question is answered. The egg came first, then came the splendid citrusy soaks. Or did it? Why not take a dip in cleansing Sicilian lemon and grapefruit oil waters and see if any new information comes to light? Have a crack at solving the mystery, just make sure to chick everywhere…”. For me personally I found this to be a very nice bath bomb in terms of changing the colour of the bath and creating a nice aroma, it wasn’t as hydrating as other bath bombs that I have used but it was more of a long soak bath bomb, which worked wonderfully for me, in a nice hot relaxing bath. The design is, of course, lovely, as with most Lush products, they take their time to design these items to perfection!

Up next was the ‘Golden Egg’ – a shimmery delight, an egg-shaped bath bomb, completely covered in glitter and of course, that glitter was GOLD! Luxurious shone from this item and I could not wait to use it! Here is what Lush say “Every good egg deserves, well, a golden egg of course. Shimmeringly sensual, this Brazilian orange and honey-scented jewel is the only sweet fix you should set your heart on. Indulge in a super-softening, skin-loving soak that’s rich with luxurious moisturising fair trade organic cocoa butter, uplifting bergamot and almond oils and glittering golden lustre.”. There is no honey in this bath bomb, so it is vegan, which made me so happy! This was so nice on the skin and it really did feel like I was going to look like C3Po when getting out the bath but I kind of didn’t mind sparkling, I felt like royalty. What is also great is that Lush use synthetic mica which is plastic free and avoids using natural mica as the mining of this has been linked to child labour, so Lush have made a great choice ethically, by using the synthetic instead.

The ‘Cream Egg’ as mentioned on my catch up blog is described by Lush like so, “If you’re looking for a cracking good bath, a Cream Egg is the way to go. As you crumble this mint-chocolate scented bubbleroon under running water, Fair Trade organic cocoa and Fair Trade shea butters melt, turning the water into an irresistibly softening, sweet lagoon. Spearmint tones the skin and refreshes your mood as you soak, making you feel eggsellent. If you’re feeling blue, scramble this speckled egg for bright neon water.”. This was ridiculous, by that I mean two things, firstly, to look at, you could not help but feel joy, it was like a Spring themed light bulb had entered the bath and it made my skin feel amazing. Not only was the water a wonderful colour it was such a lovely bath bomb in general with a wonderfully moisturising effect on the skin and just an overall great bath!

TOP TIP: Now if you are anything like me and use bath bombs regularly, then you will be aware of the pains of stepping out a hot relaxing bath and then having to scrub the sides of the bath because you have bath bombed the living daylights out of said inanimate options. Well, my new friend at Lush White City, ( I hope she will be my friend?), says that the best thing to do is to clean the bath before you get in and this stops the bomb from sticking to the sides as much. Now, obviously none of us will be stepping into a dirty bath, to begin with, but, if you just wipe the sides of the bath before you get in, then it does make a difference and trust me I was trying this out within hours of arriving home! Don’t thank me, thank Lush White City for this joyful tip!

‘Bunch of carrots’, yes that is right, a bunch of bath bomb shaped carrots, are one of the cutest things I have ever seen, not only do they look really great, they are bought as a trio and you can use them one at a time or three at a time, should you want a majorly decadent bath.Whatever you do, do it quickly as these aren’t going to be on their website for much longer, and I would hate for you to miss out. They say “Make bathing one of your five-a-day. Whatever the root cause of your worries, wash them away with oodles of citrusy suds. Swish and swash this heritage bunch of bubble-makers for a mood-brightening soak full of Sicilian lemon, bergamot and buchu oils, and when you’re done pop it somewhere dry and safe ready to use again and again. Now, that’s the kind of veg you can really carrot about!”. This was the most gorgeous bath with so many bubbles one carrot lasted 3 baths for me, I have only used one carrot so far as I don’t want to part with them because I know they won’t be available for much longer, however, one was more than enough to get my bath looking, smelling and feeling great!

The ‘April Showers’ bath bomb for me is what I would like to call ‘The Hangover Cure’, I used it to help my sore head after a night of one too many and it made me feel better in no time. I had this in a warm bath rather than a hot bath as I was feeling under the weather (see what I did there!), and it was lovely. Lush explains “For your own little April showers (or rather baths), drop this fizzer into hot water and clear your cloudy skies with cedarwood and cypress oils. As the softening Fair Trade cocoa butter raindrops melt away, tonka absolute comes out to play with fresh violet leaf absolute.” My cloudy skies were certainly cleared and I felt like I could get into my pyjamas for the day feeling extra clean and soft after using this lovely bath bomb. I will be stocking up before they stop selling them!

The ‘Free Rangers’ are a two-part bath bomb that actually comes apart so you can use them together or separately (obviously). They are gorgeous, I love the way Lush design their products and this is one of those products were their originality really shines through. Lush describe this bath bomb duo like so “Top or bottom? A bit of both? Who gives a cluck!? Whichever part you go for, bergamot oil and blackcurrant absolute ensure you’re in for some fruity fun. Whether you’re heading out on a chicken run or just want to peck up some treats, stock up on these Fresh Handlaid Cosmetics.There’s nothing fowl about cypress oil – it’ll keep you in beak performance to prolong the enjoyment. With free to peck from a wide ranger colours, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to put your feet up for some well deserved roost and re-coop-eration!”. I will be honest and say I haven’t brought myself to use it yet. I have a really hard time using limited edition Lush items because I always worry they won’t come back and it triggers major bath bomb separation issues for me, however, it smells amazing and it is certainly one of the bath bombs that I will savour until I really want a treat!

Now let’s move over slightly from the bath bombs to the ‘Feeling Younger’ skin tint has made my life that little bit more sparkly! When I say I love this product, let it be known that I love this product and I cannot even begin to explain how much of a princess I felt when I put it on for the first time. My friend and I discussed it over dinner (as you do), both saying that a little goes a long way this inventions of the Gods, it is amazing. I don’t usually where a lot of make up but decided that I would give my face a once over with some bronzer and add a touch of this as a highlighter and it looks amazing. I will say it myself because it did make me feel younger and it made me feel very, very happy and as joy is the key to youth, I think I may have found just the products to keep me looking younger forever! Lush say ‘Is this the elixir of youth? That’s for you to decide. What you can be sure of is that this light reflecting skin tint will highlight and brighten skin for an instant radiance boost.’ and for once I think I have outdone them on the description of this product, could not recommend this highly enough.

As you know I like my food, so much I have been known to wear it unintentionally, so imagine when I found out that Lush have face masks with chocolate in, now I can intentionally wear my food and I did taste this, not recommended just wanted to see what it would taste like, it perhaps isn’t the same a chocolate bar but this definitely belongs on my face and not in my mouth. “What are you blabbering on about PBP?” I hear you as – The ‘Cupcake’ face mask of course! “Rhassoul mud, which is highly absorbent, works with cocoa powder to draw out all the dirt and impurities and give a deep cleanse. Fresh mint stimulates and tones the skin, whilst linseed and cocoa butter soften and moisturise. Smooth a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.” said Lush. I say this helped take all the nasties out of my skin and definitely felt great afterwards, I washed my face after using this and applied some moisturiser and my skin was visibly different. It smells amazing and it works wonders, what is there not to love?

I have been using their banana oil facial bar as a moisturising alternative to cream moisturisers ever since I got it. Not only does it make my skin feel and look so good I rarely need to wear make up when I have used it. It is made from banana skins and smells incredible! This is my go to for Summer and suggest you all head down to White City Lush Lush to get yours!

I also picked up some other items all of which I am dying to trying but there are only do many baths a girl can have, however, fear not, I will be blogging about uch more frequently! I am changing a lot of my cleaning and beauty routine products to opt for a plastic free alternative so Lush is going to pretty much be my one stop shop for this. You can also take your used Lush plastic tubs back to the shop to exchange for a free face mask, as they like to recycle too!

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