Luxurious Evening at Eight Members Club

Before I even begin to explain Eight Members Club -Moorgate, an elegant dining experience, I have to first explain that upon arriving at this exclusive venue, I had viewed their website and knew I was in for an evening of elegant food in a sophisticated restaurant and my oh my – what an understatement.


That being said I had high expectations for this place and as previously mentioned, my expectation was far surpassed. The first class service is something that shone so clearly about this fabulous restaurant.

I will describe the layout of this building so that you can imagine my experience from start to finish, (although my description will not match the precision of this restaurant, I hope to do it justice). You enter through an archway, which is on street level, 1 Dysart Street, to be exact, where you will enter a lift up to the 8th floor upon which you will be arriving at the reception where the restaurant revealed itself.


With stunning art that supplies some of the smart decor themes here. The service here is effortlessly seamless with great communication among the staff here all perfectly organised by a fantastic Manager, whether it be a drink or vegan food suggestions, all of the waiters here were all up to precise speed it when it came to assisting us, throughout this evening.


Greeted with a sumptuous glass of Prosecco, perfect after a week of arduous illness, this was the perfect location to sit back and let myself be treated for a change. I had spoken with the Manager and she had so kindly advised that the chefs are very happy to meet any dietary requirements and they do have vegan options depending on your preference, which is really great considering they are a high calibre restaurant, this is what I would have expected but as a seasoned vegan, I have learned not to take it for granted.


An amuse bouche to begin with a delicately presented tomato carpaccio with segments of avocados and an avocado puree to complete this dainty piece of deliciousness. I thoroughly enjoyed this as a palate cleanser before the meal to come.


The starter was a wonderfully presented tempura courgette, with aubergine which was such a fresh balance of textures with the leaves to contrast the batter. This worked superbly and was a simple but satisfying starter and the presentation was excellent showcasing just how incredible vegan food can be.


We ordered 2 of their cocktails from a lengthy selection, a cocktail or mocktail for every occasion, we were both looking for champagne-based cocktails with a twist and so the above cocktail the French Daisy was the first selection and the second being the Super Twinkle, which an upgraded (more alcoholic), version of its sister the original Twinkle, with champagne, vodka and elderflower making this a very sophisticated cocktail indeed.


For the main course, I was very excited to try their falafel dish, paired with chickpea puree and topped with a red onion and fennel this was a very substantial vegan dish and even though I would have happily had this by itself, but the sides that accompanied it were rather delicious and seeing as I was having such a lovely time I thought it would be nice to try out the sides for size too!


Being that I am trying to be healthy and I do love green vegetables anyway, a side of spinach was an obvious choice and I thought the side salad would work well with the falafel and chickpeas, so ordered this too, both were delicious and after eating all of this I was feeling satisfyingly full.


The spinach was simply sauteed but was a great side to go with the falafel and worked so well with the creaminess of the chickpea puree which was so rich and smooth that it melted in the mouth.


The side salad was dressed in balsamic vinegar to add some sharpness and crunchy contrast to the smooth and rich main. I do like to order a salad in restaurants as I feel the freshness of a salad is a good testament to the freshness of the produce used in the kitchen, needless to say, that this was very good.


The dessert was a showstopper. It looks absolutely divine and tasted tremendous, with sharp, bold flavours of raspberry with rich flavours of coconut in the pannacotta centre, this was by far the best dessert I have ever had and it was served in a perfect portion size to reflect the meal we had eaten before. I had just enough appetite left to have a coffee before completing, quite honestly, one of the best meals I have ever had.

More than the culinary aspect of the evening, the experience altogether was outstanding, from the decor and great views of London from the terrace, to the wonderfully attentive staff, this is definitely a dining experience, I will never forget, with great company and superb food.


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