Mouth Watering Sunday Roast at Mommi

I am a huge fan of Mommi in Clapham, their Japanese/ Peruvian fusion food is really something worth talking about and on my previous visits I have been impressed by their outstanding level of vegan culinary skills, whether it be their normal  A La Carte menu or their Xmas menu, I have enjoyed every morsel I have eaten here and what is so wonderful is the amount of time they take to not only make sure that the food is delicious, they take such pride in their outstanding presentation, that you eat with your eyes before you pick up a knife and fork, or chopsticks should you desire, though this is a far too slow for me, as my clumsy self cannot manovre chop sticks, to begin with.


Anyway, back to the point of this visit because I am already rambling of my pleasant memories of past visits but this last visit was absolutely amazing and the reason for that is that Mommi has started to do roast dinners, vegan roast dinners. Immediately I had to head down there and test this out because I love roast dinners as they are but the idea of a vegan roast dinner with a Japanese/Peruvian fusion, that is too much to think about with trying.


The decor here is beautiful, so modern and clean and with large round booths it is such a perfect setting to get stuck into a large table full of food. Sharing is the theme in this restaurant and I really like this as a vegan because it gives everyone a chance to try out a bit of evening. Those of you who know me, know I don’t usually share food but here I make an exception, (purely because I want to eat everyone else’s food).


Starting with a selection from their A La Carte menu, a variety of colours and flavours that went from silky smooth sweet potato with crunchy tempura vegetables, to their  sweet potato and heirloom salad with a moreish Leche de Tigre spice and gorgeous colours, finishing it all off with a sushi rice based,heirloom tomato and avocado dish that was absolutely divine, both in presentation and in flavours. This being an incredible start to what I was going to be an outstanding meal overall.


Now for the main event – the roast dinner, what a triumph. The veggies are served in the middle of the table to share which comes in generous portions, consisting of garlic roasted potatoes, cassava and carrot mash that packed a punch of spice and some delicious seasonal greens seasoned well and topped with sesame seeds.


The main part of the roast was a coal roasted aubergine with pomegranate and hazelnuts, complete with edible flowers, this was the stunning centre of a filling dinner, which was not only delicious but beautifully presented. I cannot begin to explain how tasty this meal was, not only texturally complex but so full of spices and flavours, ranging from the heat of the mash to the exact amount of bitterness that the coals had provided the aubergine.


I don’t wish to exaggerate because I can sometimes be slightly guilty of trying to convey my emotions when it comes to good food, but this is the place to take your friends for a reasonably priced gastronomic adventure, where everyone is bound to find something that they will love, so do let me know if you do head down there and what you think of the delicious food!

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