Total Torte Heaven at Nostrano Lounge

Having been to the Nostrano lounge plenty of times before and already in love with their vegan and dog-friendly policies, I was so excited to try their vegan chocolate and coconut torte. I had been aware for a little while that they will be having some new tortes on the menu to appease vegans and to be honest, my non-vegan friend tried this and thought it was amazing too.

Initially ‘popping in for some cake’, quickly turned in to a dinner and drinks with the torte to follow simply because this place is so warm and welcoming and had such a nice energy about it. I decided to try an option from their ‘all day brunch’ menu, as I have had their all day vegan breakfast before and it was to die for. This time I opted for the sweet potato waffles which came topped with black beans and avocado, so basically my three favourite foods put together to make one saintly dish. The waffles were delicious, ultimately savoury but still with a hint of natural sweetness from the sweet potato, of course. The black beans added that sense of goodness with every mouthful and the avocado was just a slither of pure joy to round this whole dish off wonderfully. FYI, my non-vegan friend was so jealous of my dish, she wished she had ordered it…


Whenever I visit here, I always have to have the sherbet lemonade because it is quite possibly the best drink I have ever had and since discovering it, I love going here just to have one! It is the perfect treat which takes me back to my (not so distant) childhood.


The torte was on the menu from the beginning of the night but as we grew closer to trying it I wanted to get a drink that would compliment the flavours of rich chocolate and coconut so decided on an iced coffee, which they can make vegan. Naturally being a coffee addict, this was my drink of choice but it complimented the torte so well and the richness of the chocolate and the surprisingly decadent buttery pastry that surrounded it made this a match in heaven with the iced coffee.

This is the best place to go if you are looking for good food and a laugh, there is normally something going on whether it be Monday night quizzes or various other activities throughout the month, you will never have a dull evening here. I for one am a huge fan!


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