Regal Real Olives

I am like Popeye when it comes to olives – I love them! I have had so many different types of olives in my time, it makes me laugh to think I hated them when I was younger because now, I would rather eat an olive than a chocolate bar, I order them as extras on pretty much every pizza I eat, even when I the are they are already one of the original toppings. I will eat olives in pitta bread with hummus and of course, I can eat them by themselves.

That is where The Real Olive Company comes in because when you have tried as many olives as I have your expectation levels are going to be pretty high and with so many varieties of olives and flavours, these are really delicious.

I have tried a few of their range and what I have tasted so far has not failed to impress me, my favourite is the Siciliana with garlic, peppers and mustard seeds,these were unbelievably moreish and although most olives are moreish, these were just a little bit more special because the mustard seeds and peppers added a little bit more to the usual duo of garlic and olives and became something a little bit more salivating. All of the flavours worked so well together that I found myself sporadically telling friends and family how good they were because I wanted them to enjoy high-quality olives too.

Another good thing about this company is that they have a great range of organic olives which means you are getting the ripest most delicious olives that are completely delicious and of course haven’t been tampered with in any way. If you want to know why they have decided to go the organic route then please head to their website to hear it in their own words.

Whatever your taste preference, if you love olives then you are bound to find some that are perfect for your ta8stebud needs and I promise you will never want to eat any other olives again!

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