ICCO Pizzeria

So, as I was driving through London a few weeks ago, I spotted a pizza place that was so busy, that I felt I was missing out. I went home and decided to try and find the restaurant, that being ICCO Italian Pizzeria, which is situated at 46 Goodge Street, London, W1T 4LU. They do also have a branch in Camden, but I wanted to visit the Goodge Street branch as I was so curious and excited by how popular this place seemed to be!

I checked on their website and they had vegan options, which excited me even more, but the thing that stood out more than anything was the price, you can get a Margherita here for £3.95 which for anywhere is a steal but Central London in particular. The price, however, is irrelevant if the pizzas are not up to scratch so for the taste test we went for their Vegan Veggie pizza, which is £7.20, which considering the size I thought was still good and then we also ordered a Vegetarian with vegan cheese which came with onions, sweetcorn and mixed peppers.

You order at the counter and then are given a device that you can sit at your table and wait with as soon as your pizzas are ready the device flashes and vibrates which is when you go to collect your pizza from the counter. The wait was less than 10 minutes and by this time we were more than ready to try these pizzas. They also have a condiment stand that is stocked with garlic and chilli oil, as well as chilli flakes and oregano to top your pizza with, I went to chilli flakes and oregano and they added so much to the pizza, so would definitely recommend picking them up when you’re in there.


The pizzas were very nice, the toppings were tasty and the vegan cheese was melted nicely on both. I really liked the way that they had used veggies that worked well together and you can, of course, make your own pizza with whatever toppings you like. However, I personally liked the toppings on both the Vegan pizza with caramelised onions, roasted aubergines, courgettes and peppers on tomato pizza sauce topped with plenty of vegan cheese and the Vegetarian which I made vegan by asking for vegan cheese with onions, sweetcorn and mixed peppers.


The Veggie Vegan is just £7.20 and the vegetarian is £5.50 without cheese and £6.50 if you are wanting to put vegan cheese on it, which I think is so reasonable for this part of town, especially as these pizzas are so good! If you wanting a bite to eat that won’t cost you the earth near Central London, then I highly recommend popping in to here for a non-pretentious feast of pizza, don’t worry either, if like me, your eyes are bigger than your bellies, because you always ask for a box to take your leftovers home! Perfect for lunch the next day – what a bargain!

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