Basilico Pizza

Last Friday, the weather was awful and I wanted something comforting for dinner, so we went to Basilico to try out their vegan toppings and as they have four vegan toppings on their current menu, I thought we would have two half and half pizzas and try them all out. Their pizzas are all cooked in a wood-fired oven and this was definitely evident when it came to the flavour of the pizza and the crispy thin base that made these pizzas divine!

So, let me break down the toppings for you because they were all so different and bold in flavour, which is what makes it so difficult to pick a favourite and was the key factor in making the executive decision that these two half and half pizzas will be what we will always order from now on, a little bit of everything is guaranteed to always hit that spot of a pizza treat!


First topping – starting with the basics, the Margherita thin base with Basilico’s own pizza sauce, Violife vegan cheese, chopped fresh tomato and basil, which is simple and delicious and this was perfect with the side salad that I made to accompany the pizzas.

The other half of the Margherita pizza was the Vegan Vegetarian, not to be confused with the vegetarian when ordering as this is an option on their menu also, this half of the pizza was topped with courgette, aubergine, red peppers and onions, lots of flavour from these roasted veggies, topped with the same Violife cheese it was the perfect compliment to the Margherita because it so fresh and simple but delicious without being overly complicated.


The second pizza – topped with some slightly different toppings, the first half being sweet potato with kale, artichokes and pine nuts which had been infused with truffle which was decadent and delicious with the addition of the vegan cheese this was absolutely superb. The flavour and texture combinations on this half of this pizza were so good, I would have liked very much to not have to share this half if I am being perfectly honest!

The other half of the second pizza was the Sicilian pizza, which I believe is the newest of their vegan toppings and oh my, what an addition to the menu! This is an artichoke roasted red pepper, sun blushed tomato and red pepper pesto pizza topped with vegan cheese all on this crispy base with Basilico’s pizza sauce – legendary!


It is fair to say that the second pizza’s halves were definitely slightly more flavoursome, in terms of toppings, however, the first pizza was a classic pizza that I definitely enjoyed also, so I wouldn’t rule out having this pizza again either, as I say, I think I will always order all four toppings across two pizzas because they all offer something a little different.

You can opt to add some heat to the pizza if you wish as well, oh yes, this I wish I had seen before I ordered my pizzas to be honest as you know me by now – I love spice! They can add fresh scotch bonnet chillis or dried smoked chilli flakes to your pizza toppings or both if you think you can handle it!

Spice lover or hater, you are guaranteed to have a great vegan pizza, they do deliver depending what area you live in they have branches in East Sheen, Crouch End, Hamstead, Limehouse, Lavender Hill, Fulham, Islington, Tower Bridge,Finchley Kingston, Marleybone and Wimbledon, so if you are in London chances are they aren’t too far from you and I would highly recommend trying them out!

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