Plant Based Party Food – Saucy Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls are typically the part of the buffet that makes it an ‘English party’, you won’t have much chance of them being vegan, however, unless you make them yourself, and I for one – am partial to a sausage roll (or 5), however, over the years, I have come to decide that they could be elevated further with some sauces inside of them which make them even tastier!

Homemade sausage rolls are really not that hard to make, I like to make mine with whole sausages, though if you wanted to make them bite size then you can just cut the sausages to the desired size, it really is up to you. I used vegan puff pastry from Jus-Roll and vegan sausages, I really like Linda McCartney’s or Vbites for these.

In terms of the fillings, I like to use whole grain mustard in some, American hotdogs mustard and ketchup in others and apple sauce. I find all 3 of these taste combinations work really well in the sausage roll and whether they are served hot or cold the filling compliment the sausages and make the sausage rolls that little bit easier to swallow.

MY recipe makes around 6 sausage rolls depending on the brand of sausages you are using. Always make sure you seal them firmly to avoid any leakages in the oven – they are a nightmare! If you are using frozen sausages then do ensure you have thawed them thoroughly and you can part cook them in the oven before you put them in the pastry, just make sure that you let them cool again afterwards as this will affect the pastry if they are too hot.

Ingredients – 

320g x Jus-Rol Puff Pastry Ready Rolled Sheet

6 x vegan sausages

2 tablespoons x filling of your choice (if you are using mustard and ketchup 1 tablespoon of each)

Method –

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Remove the pastry from the packaging and roll out until it is about 2cm thick.
  3. Cut in 6 equal pieces and then roll out so that you can place a sausage in the middle of each one, with enough distance on either side for it to be closed firmly.
  4. Ensuring all the sausages are ready to be cooked, see notes above for details, place the sauce on pastry on one side and place the sausage in the middle folding in half to encase the sauce and sausage.
  5. Using a fork, press down around the edges of to ensure they are all firmly closed.
  6. Place in the oven for 20 -30 minutes, until golden, turning halfway through, ensuring all is piping hot all the way through, before serving.

You can serve these immediately or leave for later on to be served cold if you are going to reheat them, they will not be as nice but still work. If you are eating straight out of the oven take care as the sauce can get very hot in the middle and burning your mouth is never fun.


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