Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is coming and whether you celebrate it or not, I bet you will not be able to resist some chocolate! I have been vegan for a few Easter’s now and have tried so many delicious vegan options, including Moo Free Easter Eggs, I opted for the plain one which comes with choccy drops, they alone are delicious.

My favourite way to eat this Easter egg, (yes, I have already eaten this one) is to break it up into pieces in a bowl and tip the choccy drops into the bowl as well as graze the bowl until entirely empty and by entirely empty, I am not ashamed to admit I ate every morsel of this egg without regret.

The best thing is – Holland and Barrett are currently running a promotion on all Moo Free Products to buy one and get another half price, which means you can fill your boots with their Easter deliciousness and their other products too.

When it comes to the Organic Rosie Rabbit bar which aside from being adorable is so tasty, this is perfect for Easter hunts and also for baskets or just something extra with your Easter Egg, either way, the Moo Free bars are so yummy and my favourite the fruit and nut bar, is totally an Easter treat for grown-ups,so go and get yourself a bar or 10 and enjoy the holidays!

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