Plant Based Party Food – Chilli Non Carne

I have been working on some recipes so that when we have girly gatherings I can bring some vegan deliciousness to the table, food that not only vegans will enjoy but my meat-eating friends enjoy also. I also wanted the food to be easy to cook so I could spend as much time with my girlies as possible and food that could be shared and casual as the idea of eating a formal dinner in our pyjamas sounded a bit odd to me!

Starting with nachos, everyone loves nachos, even people who claim to not like nachos can’t resist one or two, I chose to top mine with chilli non-carne and some vegan cheese sauce that made it all come together in one gorgeous platter or tasty decadence. Depending on how much time you have you may opt to make the chilli element ahead of time because that is the only bit that takes longer than 20 minutes. I will break down element below. This could serve around 6 people, pretty well though it would probably stretch to 10 with the other dishes. You can also customise the toppings if you want to add guac and jalapenos you most definitely can if extra salsa is your thing, whack that on too. You can use vegan grated cheese and melt it on top but I find that a gooey cheese sauce makes it that little bit more aesthetically pleasing and you will prompt lots of ‘did you really make this’ type comments, great for the vegan ego!

Let’s start with the chilli no carne as this is probably the part you are going to want to make first, I used dried soya mince for this because my friend had it to hand and it works really well because whilst rehydrating it, it sucks up all the flavours, giving it good depth and my friends couldn’t believe how much it tasted like meat and the texture is spot of for this kind of dish. I also opted for black beans instead of kidney beans because I personally prefer them and they are a tad more nutritious if you want to add kidney beans instead then they will work just as well. Let’s get to it!

Chilli Non Carne
Ingredients –

200g x dried soya mince

400g x black beans

800g x tinned tomatoes

4 teaspoons x dried thyme

4 teaspoons x black pepper

4 teaspoons x garlic powder

4 teaspoons x onion powder

200 ml x vegetable stock

chilli flakes to taste
Method –

  1. In a large pan add the dried mince with the tinned tomatoes and all the herbs and spices and stir well before adding to a low to medium heat.
  2. Stir every few minutes for 5- 10 minutes until the mince starts to rehydrate then gradually add the stock stirring to ensure all of the mince is covered.
  3. Add the chilli flakes once all is warmed through and keep adding under it is as hot as you like it, keep stirring and then put on a low heat for 45minutes
  4. After 45 minutes the mince should be fully rehydrated and soft, now you can add the black beans and keep stirring on a very low heat until is piping hot.

You can either pour straight over the nachos at this stage or store in a Tupperware in the fridge until you are ready to use it. I would use it the same day or the next day for best results.

Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce
Ingredients –

1 x medium sweet potato

10 tablespoons x nutritional yeast

5 tablespoons x flour

3 tablespoons x oat milk

1 teaspoon x onion powder

1 teaspoons x garlic powder
Method –

  1. Cut the sweet potato into cubes and add to a pot, cover with boiling water and cook until fork tender.
  2. Drain the potato and add to the blender with all other ingredients and blend until sauce is smooth, if it is too wet add more flour, too dry add more milk, but use small measurements so that you don’t overdo it. If you want it even cheesier then you can add more nutritional yeast.

Once the sauce is made it is ready to pour straight over the nachos or you can put it in a Tupperware until you are ready to make your nachos. You may need to put it in a saucepan over a low heat and stir constantly until it regains its elasticity but it will be delicious either way.

To construct the nachos you will need a platter big enough to house this mouth party and you can start by laying 2 bags of nacho chips on the platter, followed by the chilli non carne and then lashes of the velvety vegan cheese sauce, then you add whatever toppings you like before plonking in the middle of the table and letting everyone dig in!

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