Nice Nosh at Nostrano Lounge

Last Friday I embraced the snow to make it down to the Nostrano Lounge in Staines High Street for a delightful vegan meal and the most delicious sherbet lemonade, which has to be in my top 5 lemonades of all time – and if you know me, you know I love lemonade.

I have been here before and the two things I love about this place, (other than the great food and quirky decor, of course), is that the restaurant is completely dog-friendly and the staff could not be any nicer. They are so lovely in fact that every time I dine there I feel like I have made at least 2 new friends.

As I mentioned the restaurant is quirky in design and very spacious which makes it the perfect place to have a relaxing meal. I absolutely love their vegan menu, when I visited last time I had the all day breakfast which was so satisfying, however this time I fancied some falafel, so I opted for the Falafel and Hummus Ciabatta filled with crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside falafel, red cabbage, wild rocket and carrot tapenade which came with deliciously crunchy slaw,I also chose to add sweet potato chips to make this meal even tastier and filling.


Whilst us humans were eating our meals, our pup companion had her own treats and a bowl of water, which she seemed to thoroughly enjoy. I really like that the restaurant is dog-friendly because it makes dinner with friendy easier, they can just bring their doggies and they are both guaranteed to have a great time. The staff all seemingly love dogs too and couldn’t be kinder is making them feel as comfortable as the human guests.

As we were leaving the Manager mentioned to us that there will be a new range of vegan cakes coming very soon, which I will, of course, be tasting and will report back with the verdict very shortly. In the meantime, if you have a lounge near you then I definitely recommend popping in for some awesome vegan eats!

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