Pancakes Galore at The Diner

If you know me then you will know that Pancake Day is my favourite day of the year. I love pancakes and I am not afraid to admit that I see the day as a bit of a challenge. I will never turn down a good pancake and since I was so impressed with The Diner‘s vegan choices on my previous visit, I thought it was only right that I try out their vegan pancakes. This time I heeded to the Spitalfields branch which is a completely different layout to the Strand restaurant, however, still gorgeous and very spacious, with a booth to enjoy your meal in.

The Diner is fast becoming one of my favourite restaurants for a relaxed dining experience, with plenty of vegan options and lovely people to greet and feed you, it really is a great place to hang out with friends and catch a bite of the good stuff.


We had initially set off with a plan to head to down to The Diner and eat their pancake, ( obviously), however, this was not how it panned out, as we ended up having a burger each and sharing some sweet potato fries. As the calorie count had clearly gone out the window, it was just a case of enjoying the food from here and having a wonderful evening. The vegan burger was different to the one that I had previously, it was not a seitan-based patty but more of a meatloaf tasting patty. Both were delicious though this burger was very tasty and made for a great ‘warm-up for the main event, the sweet potato fries were, of course, amazing, I mean when are they not!


The main event – vegan pancakes with chocolate sauce, strawberries with coconut ice cream and a side of their whipping cream, which they wanted me to taste and I did not say no! I could sum it up with an onomatopoeic description – ‘uuuuummmmmmmmm’. I could sum it up with one word ‘delicious’, I could even sum it up with a hand gesture, a large thumbs up but really all I want to do is go back and eat more and more…. and more! This was a decadent stack of divinity. I have seen that they do other vegan pancake options which I am inclined to try but feel slightly anxious to step away from this option which was so good.

About 5 minutes into eating this pancakes, we both erupted with laughter, as we realised we had both fallen silent upon their arrival to our table and hadn’t spoken a word since just gestured our appreciations across the table and sipped our drinks occasionally in between ingestions. Bottom line is, you need to try these, whether you are vegan or not, try The Diner’svegan range because from what I have tasted so far, I can wholeheartedly say, you will not be disappointed!

If you create an account on their app you can enjoy £5 off of a meal over £15 and then start to collect points for other rewards, so well worth it if you plan on being a regular frequenter!

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